Sisse Rye Ostrowski
Sisse Rye Ostrowski
Professor, consultant, head of reserach, MD PhD DMSc at Rigshospitalet, UCPH, Copenhagen, DK
Потвърден имейл адрес: regionh.dk
Exercise and IL‐6 infusion inhibit endotoxin‐induced TNF‐α production in humans
R Starkie, SR Ostrowski, S Jauffred, M Febbraio, BK Pedersen
The FASEB Journal 17 (8), 1-10, 2003
A high admission syndecan-1 level, a marker of endothelial glycocalyx degradation, is associated with inflammation, protein C depletion, fibrinolysis, and increased mortality …
PI Johansson, J Stensballe, LS Rasmussen, SR Ostrowski
Annals of surgery 254 (2), 194-200, 2011
Autoantibodies neutralizing type I IFNs are present in~ 4% of uninfected individuals over 70 years old and account for~ 20% of COVID-19 deaths
P Bastard, A Gervais, T Le Voyer, J Rosain, Q Philippot, J Manry, ...
Science immunology 6 (62), eabl4340, 2021
Thrombelastography and tromboelastometry in assessing coagulopathy in trauma
PI Johansson, T Stissing, L Bochsen, SR Ostrowski
Scandinavian journal of trauma, resuscitation and emergency medicine 17, 1-8, 2009
Endothelial glycocalyx degradation induces endogenous heparinization in patients with severe injury and early traumatic coagulopathy
SR Ostrowski, PI Johansson
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 73 (1), 60-66, 2012
Shock induced endotheliopathy (SHINE) in acute critical illness-a unifying pathophysiologic mechanism
PI Johansson, J Stensballe, SR Ostrowski
Critical Care 21, 1-7, 2017
Endothelial glycocalyx shedding and vascular permeability in severely injured trauma patients
E Rahbar, JC Cardenas, G Baimukanova, B Usadi, R Bruhn, S Pati, ...
Journal of translational medicine 13, 1-7, 2015
The sequences of 150,119 genomes in the UK Biobank
BV Halldorsson, HP Eggertsson, KHS Moore, H Hauswedell, O Eiriksson, ...
Nature 607 (7920), 732-740, 2022
Disseminated intravascular coagulation or acute coagulopathy of trauma shock early after trauma? An observational study
PI Johansson, AM Sørensen, A Perner, KL Welling, M Wanscher, ...
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How I treat patients with massive hemorrhage
PI Johansson, J Stensballe, R Oliveri, CE Wade, SR Ostrowski, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 124 (20), 3052-3058, 2014
Traumatic endotheliopathy: a prospective observational study of 424 severely injured patients
PI Johansson, HH Henriksen, J Stensballe, M Gybel-Brask, JC Cardenas, ...
Annals of surgery 265 (3), 597-603, 2017
Acute myocardial infarction is associated with endothelial glycocalyx and cell damage and a parallel increase in circulating catecholamines
SR Ostrowski, SH Pedersen, JS Jensen, R Mogelvang, PI Johansson
Critical care 17, 1-12, 2013
Acute and persistent symptoms in non-hospitalized PCR-confirmed COVID-19 patients
S Bliddal, K Banasik, OB Pedersen, J Nissen, L Cantwell, M Schwinn, ...
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Management of major blood loss: an update
PI Johansson, SR Ostrowski, NH Secher
Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica 54 (9), 1039-1049, 2010
High circulating adrenaline levels at admission predict increased mortality after trauma
PI Johansson, J Stensballe, LS Rasmussen, SR Ostrowski
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 72 (2), 428-436, 2012
Acute coagulopathy of trauma: balancing progressive catecholamine induced endothelial activation and damage by fluid phase anticoagulation
PI Johansson, SR Ostrowski
Medical hypotheses 75 (6), 564-567, 2010
Modeling of waning immunity after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and influencing factors
L Pérez-Alós, JJA Armenteros, JR Madsen, CB Hansen, I Jarlhelt, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1614, 2022
Syndecan-1: a quantitative marker for the endotheliopathy of trauma
EG Rodriguez, SR Ostrowski, JC Cardenas, LA Baer, JS Tomasek, ...
Journal of the American College of Surgeons 225 (3), 419-427, 2017
Low hemorrhage‐related mortality in trauma patients in a L evel I trauma center employing transfusion packages and early thromboelastography‐directed hemostatic resuscitation …
PI Johansson, AM Sørensen, CF Larsen, NA Windeløv, J Stensballe, ...
Transfusion 53 (12), 3088-3099, 2013
Association between biomarkers of endothelial injury and hypocoagulability in patients with severe sepsis: a prospective study
SR Ostrowski, N Haase, RB Müller, MH Møller, FC Pott, A Perner, ...
Critical care 19, 1-10, 2015
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