Daniel Krug
Daniel Krug
Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland
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antiSMASH 3.0—a comprehensive resource for the genome mining of biosynthetic gene clusters
T Weber, K Blin, S Duddela, D Krug, HU Kim, R Bruccoleri, SY Lee, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (W1), W237-W243, 2015
Minimum information about a biosynthetic gene cluster
MH Medema, R Kottmann, P Yilmaz, M Cummings, JB Biggins, K Blin, ...
Nature chemical biology 11 (9), 625-631, 2015
Complete genome sequence of the myxobacterium Sorangium cellulosum
S Schneiker, O Perlova, O Kaiser, K Gerth, A Alici, MO Altmeyer, D Bartels, ...
Nature biotechnology 25 (11), 1281-1289, 2007
Genes and Enzymes Involved in Caffeic Acid Biosynthesis in the Actinomycete Saccharothrix espanaensis
M Berner, D Krug, C Bihlmaier, A Vente, R Müller, A Bechthold
Journal of bacteriology 188 (7), 2666-2673, 2006
Discovering the Hidden Secondary Metabolome of Myxococcus xanthus: a Study of Intraspecific Diversity
D Krug, G Zurek, O Revermann, M Vos, GJ Velicer, R Müller
Applied and environmental microbiology 74 (10), 3058-3068, 2008
Myxovirescin A biosynthesis is directed by hybrid polyketide synthases/nonribosomal peptide synthetase, 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA synthases, and trans-acting acyltransferases
V Simunovic, J Zapp, S Rachid, D Krug, P Meiser, R Müller
ChemBioChem 7 (8), 1206-1220, 2006
Secondary metabolomics: the impact of mass spectrometry-based approaches on the discovery and characterization of microbial natural products
D Krug, R Müller
Natural product reports 31 (6), 768-783, 2014
Molecular and biochemical studies of chondramide formation—highly cytotoxic natural products from Chondromyces crocatus Cm c5
S Rachid, D Krug, B Kunze, I Kochems, M Scharfe, TM Zabriskie, ...
Chemistry & biology 13 (6), 667-681, 2006
Myxoprincomide: a natural product from Myxococcus xanthus discovered by comprehensive analysis of the secondary metabolome
NS Cortina, D Krug, A Plaza, O Revermann, R Müller
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (3), 811-816, 2012
Correlating chemical diversity with taxonomic distance for discovery of natural products in myxobacteria
T Hoffmann, D Krug, N Bozkurt, S Duddela, R Jansen, R Garcia, K Gerth, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-10, 2018
Reconstitution of the Myxothiazol Biosynthetic Gene Cluster by Red/ET Recombination and Heterologous Expression in Myxococcus xanthus
O Perlova, J Fu, S Kuhlmann, D Krug, AF Stewart, Y Zhang, R Müller
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72 (12), 7485-7494, 2006
Improving natural products identification through targeted LC-MS/MS in an untargeted secondary metabolomics workflow
T Hoffmann, D Krug, S Hüttel, R Müller
Analytical chemistry 86 (21), 10780-10788, 2014
Efficient mining of myxobacterial metabolite profiles enabled by liquid chromatography–electrospray ionisation-time-of-flight mass spectrometry and compound-based principal …
D Krug, G Zurek, B Schneider, R Garcia, R Müller
Analytica chimica acta 624 (1), 97-106, 2008
Discovering natural products from myxobacteria with emphasis on rare producer strains in combination with improved analytical methods
RO Garcia, D Krug, R Müller
Methods in enzymology 458, 59-91, 2009
DKxanthene biosynthesis—Understanding the basis for diversity-oriented synthesis in myxobacterial secondary metabolism
P Meiser, KJ Weissman, HB Bode, D Krug, JS Dickschat, A Sandmann, ...
Chemistry & biology 15 (8), 771-781, 2008
Discovery of additional members of the tyrosine aminomutase enzyme family and the mutational analysis of CmdF
D Krug, R Müller
ChemBioChem 10 (4), 741-750, 2009
Biosynthesis of (R)-β-tyrosine and its incorporation into the highly cytotoxic chondramides produced by Chondromyces crocatus
S Rachid, D Krug, KJ Weissman, R Müller
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (30), 21810-21817, 2007
Self-resistance guided genome mining uncovers new topoisomerase inhibitors from myxobacteria
F Panter, D Krug, S Baumann, R Müller
Chemical science 9 (21), 4898-4908, 2018
Lipid body formation plays a central role in cell fate determination during developmental differentiation of Myxococcus xanthus
E Hoiczyk, MW Ring, CA McHugh, G Schwär, E Bode, D Krug, ...
Molecular microbiology 74 (2), 497-517, 2009
Genome mining in Sorangium cellulosum So ce56: identification and characterization of the homologous electron transfer proteins of a myxobacterial cytochrome P450
KM Ewen, F Hannemann, Y Khatri, O Perlova, R Kappl, D Krug, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (42), 28590-28598, 2009
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