gergana desheva
gergana desheva
Institute of plant genetic resources
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Correlation and path-coefficient analysis of quantitative characters in winter bread wheat varieties
G Desheva
Genetic diversity assessment of common winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes
G Desheva, B Kyosev
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G Desheva
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B Kyosev, G Desheva
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Grain physical characteristics and bread-making quality of alternative cereals towards common and durum wheat
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Germinability of soybean seeds stored more than 30 years in the Bulgarian national seed genebank
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Morphological and agronomical characterization of common wheat landraces (Triticum aestivum L.) from the National Wheat Collection of Bulgaria.
G Desheva
Germination and early seedling growth characteristics of Arachis hypogaea L. under salinity (NaCl) stress
G Desheva, GN Desheva, SK Stamatov
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G Desheva
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Correlations between the main structural elements of yield in common wheat cultivars
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Path coefficient and correlation analyses of quantitative characters in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum)
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Grain quality of emmer germplasm (Triticum dicoccon) from the National Collection of Bulgaria.
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Evaluation of the stability and adaptability of yield in varieties and breeding lines of common winter wheat
G Desheva, M Deshev
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Variation of agronomic traits among introduced winter bread wheat cultivars
G Desheva, M Sabeva, M Zacharieva
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Comparative study of common winter wheat lines
G Desheva, P Chavdarov
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Evaluation of tolerance to osmotic stress of winter bread wheat genotypes using indirect physiological method
R Chipilski, G Desheva, B Kyosev
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Genetic variation of gliadins and some quality characteristics in spelt wheat
G Desheva, B Kyosev, M Sabeva, M Deshev
Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 27 (3), 541-554, 2021
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