Mitra Sehi, PhD, MBA
Mitra Sehi, PhD, MBA
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
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Use of colour Doppler imaging in ocular blood flow research
I Stalmans, E Vandewalle, DR Anderson, VP Costa, REP Frenkel, ...
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Relationship among visual field, blood flow, and neural structure measurements in glaucoma
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X Zhang, N Loewen, O Tan, DS Greenfield, JS Schuman, R Varma, ...
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Retinal nerve fiber layer atrophy is associated with visual field loss over time in glaucoma suspect and glaucomatous eyes
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Scanning laser polarimetry with variable and enhanced corneal compensation in normal and glaucomatous eyes
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Baseline fourier-domain optical coherence tomography structural risk factors for visual field progression in the advanced imaging for glaucoma study
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Scanning laser polarimetry with enhanced corneal compensation and optical coherence tomography in normal and glaucomatous eyes
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An enhancement module to improve the atypical birefringence pattern using scanning laser polarimetry with variable corneal compensation
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Surgical outcomes of inflammatory glaucoma: a comparison of trabeculectomy and glaucoma-drainage-device implantation
SM Iverson, N Bhardwaj, W Shi, M Sehi, DS Greenfield, DL Budenz, ...
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A validated risk calculator to assess risk and rate of visual field progression in treated glaucoma patients
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Detection of progressive retinal nerve fiber layer thickness loss with optical coherence tomography using 4 criteria for functional progression
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Diffuse glaucomatous structural and functional damage in the hemifield without significant pattern loss
DS Grewal, M Sehi, DS Greenfield
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Is there any role for the choroid in glaucoma?
I Goharian, M Sehi
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Evaluation of baseline structural factors for predicting glaucomatous visual-field progression using optical coherence tomography, scanning laser polarimetry and confocal …
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M Sehi, JG Flanagan, L Zeng, RJ Cook, GE Trope
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Short-term enhancement of visual field sensitivity in glaucomatous eyes following surgical intraocular pressure reduction
TM Wright, I Goharian, SK Gardiner, M Sehi, DS Greenfield
American journal of ophthalmology 159 (2), 378-385. e1, 2015
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