Dr. Alexander Bietsch
Dr. Alexander Bietsch
Senior Backend Integration Engineer, Aledia
Потвърден имейл адрес: aledia.com
Printing meets lithography: Soft approaches to high-resolution patterning
B Michel, A Bernard, A Bietsch, E Delamarche, M Geissler, D Juncker, ...
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Current-driven insulator–conductor transition and nonvolatile memory in chromium-doped single crystals
Y Watanabe, JG Bednorz, A Bietsch, C Gerber, D Widmer, A Beck, ...
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Microcontact-printing chemical patterns with flat stamps
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Size and grain-boundary effects of a gold nanowire measured by conducting atomic force microscopy
A Bietsch, B Michel
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Defect-tolerant and directional wet-etch systems for using monolayers as resists
M Geissler, H Schmid, A Bietsch, B Michel, E Delamarche
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Inkjet deposition of alkanethiolate monolayers and DNA oligonucleotides on gold: evaluation of spot uniformity by wet etching
A Bietsch, M Hegner, HP Lang, C Gerber
Langmuir 20 (12), 5119-5122, 2004
Conformational change of bacteriorhodopsin quantitatively monitored by microcantilever sensors
T Braun, N Backmann, M Vögtli, A Bietsch, A Engel, HP Lang, C Gerber, ...
Biophysical Journal 90 (8), 2970-2977, 2006
Chladni figures revisited based on nanomechanics
M Dorrestijn, A Bietsch, T Açıkalın, A Raman, M Hegner, E Meyer, ...
Physical review letters 98 (2), 026102, 2007
Electrical testing of gold nanostructures by conducting atomic force microscopy
A Bietsch, MA Schneider, ME Welland, B Michel
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2000
Liquid crystal display
A Bietsch, E Delamarche, B Michel, H Schmid
US Patent 6,798,464, 2004
Stamp device for printing a pattern on a surface of a substrate
M Bruno, H Schmid, E Delamarche, A Bietsch
US Patent 6,976,424, 2005
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