Ram Prakash
Ram Prakash
Assistant Professor, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra ( J&K) India
Потвърден имейл адрес: smvdu.ac.in
Oriented growth of Fe3O4 thin film on crystalline and amorphous substrates by pulsed laser deposition
S Tiwari, R Prakash, RJ Choudhary, DM Phase
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 40 (16), 4943, 2007
Structural, XPS and magnetic studies of pulsed laser deposited Fe doped Eu2O3 thin film
S Kumar, R Prakash, RJ Choudhary, DM Phase
Materials Research Bulletin 70, 392-396, 2015
Electrical and magnetic transport properties of Fe3O4 thin films on a GaAs (100) substrate
R Prakash, RJ Choudhary, LSS Chandra, N Lakshmi, DM Phase
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 19 (48), 486212, 2007
A near-UV-converted LiMgBO3: Dy3+ nanophosphor: surface and spectral investigations
AK Bedyal, V Kumar, R Prakash, OM Ntwaeaborwa, HC Swart
Applied Surface Science 329, 40-46, 2015
Raman study across Verwey transition of epitaxial Fe3O4 thin films on MgO (100) substrate grown by pulsed laser deposition
DM Phase, S Tiwari, R Prakash, A Dubey, VG Sathe, RJ Choudhary
Journal of applied physics 100 (12), 2006
Direct observation of oxygen induced room temperature ferromagnetism in MoO2 thin films by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism characterizations
P Thakur, JC Cezar, NB Brookes, RJ Choudhary, R Prakash, DM Phase, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (6), 2009
Growth and characterization of ZnO nanorods by microwave-assisted route: green chemistry approach
F Ahmed, S Kumar, N Arshi, R Prakash
Advanced Materials Letters 2 (3), 183-187, 2011
X-ray photoemission and spectral investigations of Dy3+ activated magnesium pyrophosphate phosphors
R Mahajan, S Kumar, R Prakash, V Kumar, RJ Choudhary, DM Phase
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 777, 562-571, 2019
Surface and spectral studies of Eu3+ doped α-Al2O3 synthesized via solution combustion synthesis
S Kumar, R Prakash, V Kumar, GM Bhalerao, RJ Choudhary, DM Phase
Advanced Powder Technology 26 (4), 1263-1268, 2015
Room temperature ferromagnetism in Ni doped In2O3 nanoparticles
R Prakash, S Kumar, F Ahmed, CG Lee, JI Song
Thin Solid Films 519 (23), 8243-8246, 2011
Growth and properties of pulsed laser deposited thin films of Fe3O4 on Si substrates of different orientation
S Tiwari, RJ Choudhary, R Prakash, DM Phase
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 19 (17), 176002, 2007
Characterizations of pulsed laser deposited SiC thin films
YS Katharria, S Kumar, R Prakash, RJ Choudhary, F Singh, DM Phase, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 353 (52-54), 4660-4665, 2007
A novel orange-red emitting Ba2Ca (BO3) 2: Sm3+ phosphor to fill the amber gap in LEDs: synthesis, structural and luminescence characterizations
M Manhas, V Kumar, VK Singh, J Sharma, R Prakash, V Sharma, ...
Current Applied Physics 17 (11), 1369-1375, 2017
Synthesis, characterization, and applications of europium oxide: a review
S Kumar, R Prakash, VK Singh
Reviews in Advanced Sciences and Engineering 4 (4), 247-257, 2015
Structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of Mo1− xFexO2 (x= 0–0.05) thin films grown by pulsed laser ablation
R Prakash, DM Phase, RJ Choudhary, R Kumar
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (4), 2008
Surface and spectral investigation of Sm3+ doped MgO-ZrO2 phosphor
P Khajuria, R Mahajan, S Kumar, R Prakash, RJ Choudhary, DM Phase
Optik 216, 164909, 2020
Effect of Sm3+ doping on optical properties of Mg2P2O7 and Mg3P2O8 phosphors
R Mahajan, R Prakash
Materials Chemistry and Physics 246, 122826, 2020
X-ray analysis of α-Al2O3 particles by Williamson–Hall methods
S Kumar, VD Mote, R Prakash, V Kumar
Materials Focus 5 (6), 545-549, 2016
Surface and luminescent properties of Mg3 (PO4) 2: Dy3+ phosphors
R Mahajan, R Prakash, S Kumar, V Kumar, RJ Choudhary, DM Phase
Optik 225, 165717, 2021
Application of He-Ne laser to study of the variation of refractive index of liquid solutions with the concentration
VK Singh, BBS Jaswal, V Kumar, R Prakash, P Rai
Journal of Integrated Science and Technology 1 (1), 13-18, 2013
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