Reza Khorshidi (Gholamreza Salimi-Khorshidi)
Reza Khorshidi (Gholamreza Salimi-Khorshidi)
Chief Scientist, AIG || Machine Learning & Biomedical Informatics, The University of Oxford
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Network modelling methods for FMRI
SM Smith, KL Miller, G Salimi-Khorshidi, M Webster, CF Beckmann, ...
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Automatic denoising of functional MRI data: combining independent component analysis and hierarchical fusion of classifiers
G Salimi-Khorshidi, G Douaud, CF Beckmann, MF Glasser, L Griffanti, ...
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SM Smith, CF Beckmann, J Andersson, EJ Auerbach, J Bijsterbosch, ...
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ICA-based artefact removal and accelerated fMRI acquisition for improved resting state network imaging
L Griffanti, G Salimi-Khorshidi, CF Beckmann, EJ Auerbach, G Douaud, ...
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A meta-analysis of sex differences in human brain structure
ANV Ruigrok, G Salimi-Khorshidi, MC Lai, S Baron-Cohen, MV Lombardo, ...
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Functional connectomics from resting-state fMRI
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Meta-analysis of neuroimaging data: a comparison of image-based and coordinate-based pooling of studies
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Functional connectivity in the basal ganglia network differentiates PD patients from controls
K Szewczyk-Krolikowski, RAL Menke, M Rolinski, E Duff, ...
Neurology 83 (3), 208-214, 2014
Meta-analytic evidence for neuroimaging models of depression: state or trait?
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Usual blood pressure, peripheral arterial disease, and vascular risk: cohort study of 4.2 million adults
CA Emdin, SG Anderson, T Callender, N Conrad, G Salimi-Khorshidi, ...
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Adjusting the effect of nonstationarity in cluster-based and TFCE inference
G Salimi-Khorshidi, SM Smith, TE Nichols
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Consortium, WU
SM Smith, CF Beckmann, J Andersson, EJ Auerbach, J Bijsterbosch, ...
MH, 144-168, 2013
Blood pressure and risk of vascular dementia: evidence from a primary care registry and a cohort study of transient ischemic attack and stroke
CA Emdin, PM Rothwell, G Salimi-Khorshidi, A Kiran, N Conrad, ...
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BEHRT: transformer for electronic health records
Y Li, S Rao, JRA Solares, A Hassaine, R Ramakrishnan, D Canoy, Y Zhu, ...
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A personalised mobile-based home monitoring system for heart failure: the SUPPORT-HF study
A Triantafyllidis, C Velardo, T Chantler, SA Shah, C Paton, R Khorshidi, ...
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Study protocol: the Whitehall II imaging sub-study
N Filippini, E Zsoldos, R Haapakoski, CE Sexton, A Mahmood, CL Allan, ...
BMC psychiatry 14 (1), 1-16, 2014
Predicting the risk of emergency admission with machine learning: Development and validation using linked electronic health records
F Rahimian, G Salimi-Khorshidi, AH Payberah, J Tran, R Ayala Solares, ...
PLoS medicine 15 (11), e1002695, 2018
Influenza vaccination and risk of hospitalization in patients with heart failure: a self-controlled case series study
H Mohseni, A Kiran, G Salimi-Khorshidi, K Rahimi
European Heart Journal 38 (5), 326–333, 2017
Temporal trends and patterns in mortality after incident heart failure: a longitudinal analysis of 86 000 individuals
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Usual blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and vascular risk: evidence from 4.3 million adults
CA Emdin, SG Anderson, G Salimi-Khorshidi, M Woodward, S MacMahon, ...
International journal of epidemiology 46 (1), 162-172, 2017
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