Nic Venter
Nic Venter
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Weevil borne microbes contribute as much to the reduction of photosynthesis in water hyacinth as does herbivory
N Venter, MP Hill, SL Hutchinson, BS Ripley
Biological Control 64 (2), 138-142, 2013
Confirmation of hawkmoth pollination in Habenaria epipactidea: Leg placement of pollinaria and crepuscular scent emission
CI Peter, G Coombs, CF Huchzermeyer, N Venter, AC Winkler, D Hutton, ...
South African Journal of Botany 75 (4), 744-750, 2009
Mapping the socio-ecological impacts of invasive plants in South Africa: Are poorer households with high ecosystem service use most at risk?
C Reynolds, N Venter, BW Cowie, D Marlin, S Mayonde, C Tocco, ...
Ecosystem Services 42, 101075, 2020
Exacerbation of photosynthetic damage through increased heat–light stress resulting from Gargaphia decoris sap-feeding
BW Cowie, MJ Byrne, ETF Witkowski, N Venter
Biological control 94, 82-89, 2016
A review of Solanum mauritianum biocontrol: prospects, promise and problems: a way forward for South Africa and globally
BW Cowie, N Venter, ETF Witkowski, MJ Byrne, T Olckers
BioControl 63, 475-491, 2018
Does host plant quality constrain the performance of the Parthenium beetle Zygogramma bicolorata?
BW Cowie, LW Strathie, JM Goodall, N Venter, ETF Witkowski, MJ Byrne
Biological Control 139, 104078, 2019
Tamarix efficiency in salt excretion and physiological tolerance to salt-induced stress in South Africa
SW Newete, SM Allem, N Venter, MJ Byrne
International journal of phytoremediation 22 (1), 3-9, 2020
Physiological response of Parthenium hysterophorus to defoliation by the leaf-feeding beetle Zygogramma bicolorata
BW Cowie, ETF Witkowski, MJ Byrne, LW Strathie, JM Goodall, N Venter
Biological Control 117, 35-42, 2018
Parthenium avoids drought: Understanding the morphological and physiological responses of the invasive herb Parthenium hysterophorus to progressive water stress
BW Cowie, MJ Byrne, ETF Witkowski, LW Strathie, JM Goodall, N Venter
Environmental and Experimental Botany 171, 103945, 2020
Implications of elevated carbon dioxide on the susceptibility of the globally invasive weed, Parthenium hysterophorus, to glyphosate herbicide
BW Cowie, N Venter, ETF Witkowski, MJ Byrne
Pest management science 76 (7), 2324-2332, 2020
The amphibious invader: Rooted water hyacinth’s morphological and physiological strategy to survive stranding and drought events
N Venter, BW Cowie, ETF Witkowski, GC Snow, MJ Byrne
Aquatic botany 143, 41-48, 2017
A villainous hero: Does the biological control agent, Anthonomus santacruzi, pollinate its target weed, Solanum mauritianum?
BW Cowie, ETF Witkowski, MJ Byrne, N Venter
Biological Control 105, 79-85, 2017
Generalist, settling moth pollination in the endemic South African twig epiphyte, Mystacidium pusillum Harv.(orchidaceae)
CI Peter, N Venter
Flora-morphology, distribution, functional ecology of plants, 2016
Biological control of Cactaceae in South Africa
ID Paterson, H Klein, PC Muskett, TC Griffith, S Mayonde, K Mofokeng, ...
African Entomology 29 (3), 713-734, 2021
The interactive effects of CO2 and water on the growth and physiology of the invasive alien vine Pereskia aculeata (Cactaceae): Implications for its future invasion and management
N Venter, BW Cowie, ID Paterson, ETF Witkowski, MJ Byrne
Environmental and Experimental Botany 194, 104737, 2022
Three new biological control programmes for South Africa: Brazilian pepper, Tamarix and Tradescantia
MJ Byrne, S Mayonde, N Venter, F Chidawanyika, C Zachariades, ...
African Entomology 29 (3), 965-982, 2021
Elevated atmospheric CO2 adversely affects a dung beetle’s development: Another potential driver of decline in insect numbers?
C Tocco, J Foster, N Venter, B Cowie, D Marlin, M Byrne
Global Change Biology 27 (19), 4592-4600, 2021
Ploidy differences affect leaf functional traits, but not water stress responses in a mountain endemic plant population
MP Mtileni, N Venter, KL Glennon
South African Journal of Botany 138, 76-83, 2021
Current and future biological control efforts against Solanum mauritianum (Solanaceae) in South Africa
N Venter, BW Cowie, T Olckers, MJ Byrne
African Entomology 29 (3), 875-888, 2021
The host specificity of Trabutina mannipara (Hemprich & Ehrenberg, 1829)(Homoptera: Coccoidea: Pseudococcoidae): a potential biocontrol agent of invasive Tamarix chinensis …
SL Hatile, S Mayonde, N Venter, MJ Byrne
Biocontrol Science and Technology 32 (3), 381-390, 2022
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