Francisco J. Romero
Francisco J. Romero
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Flexible and robust laser-induced graphene heaters photothermally scribed on bare polyimide substrates
MR Bobinger, FJ Romero, A Salinas-Castillo, M Becherer, P Lugli, ...
Carbon 144, 116-126, 2019
In-depth study of laser diode ablation of kapton polyimide for flexible conductive substrates
FJ Romero, A Salinas-Castillo, A Rivadeneyra, A Albrecht, A Godoy, ...
Nanomaterials 8 (7), 517, 2018
Laser-Fabricated reduced graphene oxide memristors
FJ Romero, A Toral-Lopez, A Ohata, DP Morales, FG Ruiz, A Godoy, ...
Nanomaterials 9 (6), 897, 2019
Design, fabrication and characterization of capacitive humidity sensors based on emerging flexible technologies
FJ Romero, A Rivadeneyra, A Salinas-Castillo, A Ohata, DP Morales, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 287, 459-467, 2019
Resistive switching in graphene oxide
FJ Romero, A Toral, A Medina-Rull, CL Moraila-Martinez, DP Morales, ...
Frontiers in Materials 7, 17, 2020
Design guidelines of laser reduced graphene oxide conformal thermistor for IoT applications
FJ Romero, A Rivadeneyra, V Toral, E Castillo, F García-Ruiz, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 274, 148-154, 2018
Inexpensive and flexible nanographene-based electrodes for ubiquitous electrocardiogram monitoring
FJ Romero, E Castillo, A Rivadeneyra, A Toral-Lopez, M Becherer, ...
npj Flexible Electronics 3 (1), 12, 2019
Fabrication and characterization of humidity sensors based on graphene oxide–PEDOT: PSS composites on a flexible substrate
FJ Romero, A Rivadeneyra, M Becherer, DP Morales, N Rodríguez
Micromachines 11 (2), 148, 2020
Memcapacitor and meminductor circuit emulators: A review
FJ Romero, A Ohata, A Toral-Lopez, A Godoy, DP Morales, N Rodriguez
Electronics 10 (11), 1225, 2021
Meminductor emulator based on a modified Antoniou’s gyrator circuit
FJ Romero, M Escudero, A Medina-Garcia, DP Morales, N Rodriguez
Electronics 9 (9), 1407, 2020
Memcapacitor emulator based on the Miller effect
FJ Romero, DP Morales, A Godoy, FG Ruiz, IM Tienda‐Luna, A Ohata, ...
International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2019
Inexpensive graphene oxide heaters lithographed by laser
FJ Romero, A Rivadeneyra, I Ortiz-Gomez, A Salinas, A Godoy, ...
Nanomaterials 9 (9), 1184, 2019
In situ synthesis of fluorescent silicon nanodots for determination of total carbohydrates in a paper microfluidic device combined with laser prepared graphene heater
I Ortiz-Gómez, V Toral-López, FJ Romero, I de Orbe-Payá, A García, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 129506, 2021
Cost-effective printed electrodes based on emerging materials applied to biosignal acquisition
V Toral, E Castillo, A Albretch, FJ Romero, A García, N Rodríguez, P Lugli, ...
IEEE Access 8, 127789-127800, 2020
Wearable system for biosignal acquisition and monitoring based on reconfigurable technologies
V Toral, A García, FJ Romero, DP Morales, E Castillo, L Parrilla, ...
Sensors 19 (7), 1590, 2019
Resistive switching and charge transport in laser-fabricated graphene oxide memristors: a time series and quantum point contact modeling approach
N Rodriguez, D Maldonado, FJ Romero, FJ Alonso, AM Aguilera, ...
Materials 12 (22), 3734, 2019
Laser-induced graphene electrodes modified with a molecularly imprinted polymer for detection of tetracycline in milk and meat
BD Abera, I Ortiz-Gómez, B Shkodra, F J. Romero, G Cantarella, L Petti, ...
Sensors 22 (1), 269, 2021
Advanced control methods for asymmetrical half-bridge flyback
A Medina-Garcia, FJ Romero, DP Morales, N Rodriguez
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 36 (11), 13139-13148, 2021
Dynamical graph theory networks techniques for the analysis of sparse connectivity networks in dementia
A Tahmassebi, K Pinker-Domenig, G Wengert, M Lobbes, A Stadlbauer, ...
Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technology XIV 10216, 43-50, 2017
Design and implementation of a floating meminductor emulator upon Riordan gyrator
FJ Romero, A Medina-Garcia, M Escudero, DP Morales, N Rodriguez
AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 133, 153671, 2021
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