Eugene V  Shakirov
Eugene V Shakirov
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The draft genome of the transgenic tropical fruit tree papaya (Carica papaya Linnaeus)
R Ming, S Hou, Y Feng, Q Yu, A Dionne-Laporte, JH Saw, P Senin, ...
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The Selaginella genome identifies genetic changes associated with the evolution of vascular plants
JA Banks, T Nishiyama, M Hasebe, JL Bowman, M Gribskov, ...
science 332 (6032), 960-963, 2011
The Arabidopsis Pot1 and Pot2 Proteins Function in Telomere Length Homeostasis and Chromosome End Protection
EV Shakirov, YV Surovtseva, N Osbun, DE Shippen
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Length regulation and dynamics of individual telomere tracts in wild-type Arabidopsis
EV Shakirov, DE Shippen
The Plant Cell 16 (8), 1959-1967, 2004
A C-terminal Myb extension domain defines a novel family of double-strand telomeric DNA-binding proteins in Arabidopsis
ZN Karamysheva, YV Surovtseva, L Vespa, EV Shakirov, DE Shippen
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (46), 47799-47807, 2004
Arabidopsis POT1 associates with the telomerase RNP and is required for telomere maintenance
YV Surovtseva, EV Shakirov, L Vespa, N Osbun, X Song, DE Shippen
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Glutamyl endopeptidase of Bacillus intermedius, strain 3-19
IB Leshchinskaya, EV Shakirov, EL Itskovitch, NP Balaban, ...
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Chromatin organization in early land plants reveals an ancestral association between H3K27me3, transposons, and constitutive heterochromatin
SA Montgomery, Y Tanizawa, B Galik, N Wang, T Ito, T Mochizuki, ...
Current Biology 30 (4), 573-588. e7, 2020
Protection of Telomeres 1 is required for telomere integrity in the moss Physcomitrella patens
EV Shakirov, PF Perroud, AD Nelson, ME Cannell, RS Quatrano, ...
The Plant Cell 22 (6), 1838-1848, 2010
Novel glucose-1-phosphatase with high phytase activity and unusual metal ion activation from soil bacterium Pantoea sp. strain 3.5. 1
AD Suleimanova, A Beinhauer, LR Valeeva, IB Chastukhina, NP Balaban, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 81 (19), 6790-6799, 2015
POT1‐independent single‐strand telomeric DNA binding activities in Brassicaceae
EV Shakirov, TD McKnight, DE Shippen
The Plant Journal 58 (6), 1004-1015, 2009
Different modes of de novo telomere formation by plant telomerases
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The Plant Journal 26 (1), 77-87, 2001
The genomic landscape of molecular responses to natural drought stress in Panicum hallii
JT Lovell, J Jenkins, DB Lowry, S Mamidi, A Sreedasyam, X Weng, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-10, 2018
POT1 proteins in green algae and land plants: DNA-binding properties and evidence of co-evolution with telomeric DNA
EV Shakirov, X Song, JA Joseph, DE Shippen
Nucleic acids research 37 (22), 7455-7467, 2009
The draft genome of the transgenic tropical fruit tree papaya
R Ming, S Hou, Y Feng, Q Yu, A Dionne-Laporte, JH Saw, P Senin, ...
Carica papaya, 991-996, 0
Drought responsive gene expression regulatory divergence between upland and lowland ecotypes of a perennial C4 grass
JT Lovell, S Schwartz, DB Lowry, EV Shakirov, JE Bonnette, X Weng, ...
Genome research 26 (4), 510-518, 2016
Promises and challenges of eco-physiological genomics in the field: tests of drought responses in switchgrass
JT Lovell, EV Shakirov, S Schwartz, DB Lowry, MJ Aspinwall, SH Taylor, ...
Plant Physiology 172 (2), 734-748, 2016
Microbial phytases and phytate: exploring opportunities for sustainable phosphorus management in agriculture
NP Balaban, AD Suleimanova, LR Valeeva, IB Chastukhina, ...
Analysis of Carica papaya telomeres and telomere-associated proteins: insights into the evolution of telomere maintenance in Brassicales
EV Shakirov, SL Salzberg, M Alam, DE Shippen
Tropical plant biology 1 (3), 202-215, 2008
Evolution of the Telomere-Associated Protein POT1a in Arabidopsis thaliana Is Characterized by Positive Selection to Reinforce Protein–Protein Interaction
MA Beilstein, KB Renfrew, X Song, EV Shakirov, MJ Zanis, DE Shippen
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (5), 1329-1341, 2015
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