Erik Rodner
Erik Rodner
University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin)
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Neural activation constellations: Unsupervised part model discovery with convolutional networks
M Simon, E Rodner
Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision, 1143-1151, 2015
Efficient Learning of Domain-invariant Image Representations
J Hoffman, E Rodner, J Donahue, K Saenko, T Darrell
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2013), 2013
One-class classification with gaussian processes
M Kemmler, E Rodner, J Denzler
Computer Vision–ACCV 2010, 489-500, 2011
Semi-supervised domain adaptation with instance constraints
J Donahue, J Hoffman, E Rodner, K Saenko, T Darrell
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2013
Nonparametric part transfer for fine-grained recognition
C Goring, E Rodner, A Freytag, J Denzler
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2014
Imagenet pre-trained models with batch normalization
M Simon, E Rodner, J Denzler
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.01452, 2016
Automatic classification of cancerous tissue in laserendomicroscopy images of the oral cavity using deep learning
M Aubreville, C Knipfer, N Oetter, C Jaremenko, E Rodner, J Denzler, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Selecting influential examples: Active learning with expected model output changes
A Freytag, E Rodner, J Denzler
European conference on computer vision, 562-577, 2014
Convolutional Patch Networks with Spatial Prior for Road Detection and Urban Scene Understanding
CA Brust, S Sickert, M Simon, E Rodner, J Denzler
VISAPP, 2015
Kernel Null Space Methods for Novelty Detection
P Bodesheim, A Freytag, E Rodner, M Kemmler, J Denzler
CVPR, 2013
Asymmetric and category invariant feature transformations for domain adaptation
J Hoffman, E Rodner, J Donahue, B Kulis, K Saenko
International journal of computer vision 109 (1-2), 28-41, 2014
Open-vocabulary Object Retrieval.
S Guadarrama, E Rodner, K Saenko, N Zhang, R Farrell, J Donahue, ...
Robotics: science and systems 2 (5), 6, 2014
Fine-tuning deep neural networks in continuous learning scenarios
C Käding, E Rodner, A Freytag, J Denzler
Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 588-605, 2016
Part detector discovery in deep convolutional neural networks
M Simon, E Rodner, J Denzler
Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 162-177, 2014
Her 2 challenge contest: a detailed assessment of automated her 2 scoring algorithms in whole slide images of breast cancer tissues
T Qaiser, A Mukherjee, C Reddy Pb, SD Munugoti, V Tallam, T Pitkäaho, ...
Histopathology 72 (2), 227-238, 2018
Active learning and discovery of object categories in the presence of unnameable instances
C Kading, A Freytag, E Rodner, P Bodesheim, J Denzler
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2015
Chimpanzee faces in the wild: Log-euclidean CNNs for predicting identities and attributes of primates
A Freytag, E Rodner, M Simon, A Loos, HS Kühl, J Denzler
German Conference on Pattern Recognition, 51-63, 2016
A fast approach for pixelwise labeling of facade images
B Frohlich, E Rodner, J Denzler
Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2010 20th International Conference on, 3029-3032, 2010
Semantic segmentation with millions of features: Integrating multiple cues in a combined random forest approach
B Fröhlich, E Rodner, J Denzler
Asian conference on computer vision, 218-231, 2012
Local Novelty Detection in Multi-class Recognition Problems
P Bodesheim, A Freytag, E Rodner, J Denzler
IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 813-820, 2015
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