Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao
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Effect of aeration rate, C/N ratio and moisture content on the stability and maturity of compost
R Guo, G Li, T Jiang, F Schuchardt, T Chen, Y Zhao, Y Shen
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Telomere extension occurs at most chromosome ends and is uncoupled from fill-in in human cancer cells
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Tunable and efficient tin modified nitrogen‐doped carbon nanofibers for electrochemical reduction of aqueous carbon dioxide
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Carbon@ MnO2 core–shell nanospheres for flexible high-performance supercapacitor electrode materials
Y Zhao, Y Meng, P Jiang
Journal of Power Sources 259, 219-226, 2014
Human CST Has Independent Functions during Telomere Duplex Replication and C-Strand Fill-In
F Wang, JA Stewart, C Kasbek, Y Zhao, WE Wright, CM Price
Cell Reports, 2012
METTL3 and N6-methyladenosine promote homologous recombination-mediated repair of DSBs by modulating DNA-RNA hybrid accumulation
C Zhang, L Chen, D Peng, A Jiang, Y He, Y Zeng, C Xie, H Zhou, X Luo, ...
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Tin nanoparticles decorated copper oxide nanowires for selective electrochemical reduction of aqueous CO 2 to CO
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SIRT6 deficiency results in developmental retardation in cynomolgus monkeys
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Determining the folding and unfolding rate constants of nucleic acids by biosensor. Application to telomere G-quadruplex
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Early and late steps in telomere overhang processing in normal human cells: the position of the final RNA primer drives telomere shortening
TT Chow, Y Zhao, SS Mak, JW Shay, WE Wright
Genes & development 26 (11), 1167-1178, 2012
Processive and distributive extension of human telomeres by telomerase under homeostatic and nonequilibrium conditions
Y Zhao, E Abreu, J Kim, G Stadler, U Eskiocak, MP Terns, RM Terns, ...
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Engineering Surface Amine Modifiers of Ultrasmall Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Improved Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Y Zhao, C Wang, Y Liu, DR MacFarlane, GG Wallace
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (25), 1801400, 2018
Conformation selective antibody enables genome profiling and leads to discovery of parallel G-quadruplex in human telomeres
HY Liu, Q Zhao, TP Zhang, Y Wu, YX Xiong, SK Wang, YL Ge, JH He, ...
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High-performance hybrid carbon nanotube fibers for wearable energy storage
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G-quadruplex formation in human telomeric (TTAGGG) 4 sequence with complementary strand in close vicinity under molecularly crowded condition
Z Kan, Y Lin, F Wang, X Zhuang, Y Zhao, D Pang, Y Hao, Z Tan
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Switch telomerase to ALT mechanism by inducing telomeric DNA damages and dysfunction of ATRX and DAXX
Y Hu, G Shi, L Zhang, F Li, Y Jiang, S Jiang, W Ma, Y Zhao, Z Songyang, ...
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Detection of genomic G-quadruplexes in living cells using a small artificial protein
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ZnO-template-mediated synthesis of three-dimensional coral-like MnO2 nanostructure for supercapacitors
Y Zhao, P Jiang, SS Xie
Journal of power sources 239, 393-398, 2013
MnO2 nanosheets grown on the ZnO-nanorod-modified carbon fibers for supercapacitor electrode materials
Y Zhao, P Jiang
Colloids and surfaces A: physicochemical and engineering aspects 444, 232-239, 2014
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