Kirby Goidel
Kirby Goidel
Други именаRobert Kirby Goidel, Robert K Goidel, R Kirby Goidel
Professor, Department of Political Science,Texas A&M
Потвърден имейл адрес: tamu.edu - Начална страница
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RK Goidel, RE Langley
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Exploring the roots of public participation in the controversy over embryonic stem cell research and cloning
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RK Goidel, JM Hamilton
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Rebuilding or Intruding? Media Coverage and Public Opinion on L atino Immigration in Post‐K atrina L ouisiana
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Reconsidering the'myths and realities' of campaign finance reform
RK Goidel, DA Gross
Legislative Studies Quarterly, 129-149, 1996
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