Luigi Vigliotti
Luigi Vigliotti
Istituto di Scienze Marine CNR Bologna
Потвърден имейл адрес: bo.ismar.cnr.it
Source of 1755 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami investigated
N Zitellini, LA Mendes, D Cordoba, J Danobeitia, R Nicolich, G Pellis, ...
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Palaeoclimate and the formation of sapropel S1: inferences from Late Quaternary lacustrine and marine sequences in the central Mediterranean region
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When did Sardinia stop rotating? New palaeomagnetic results
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Distal tephra record for the last ca 105,000 years from core PRAD 1-2 in the central Adriatic Sea: implications for marine tephrostratigraphy
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Late-Holocene climate variability in the Adriatic Sea (Central Mediterranean)
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A marine/terrestrial integration for mid-late Holocene vegetation history and the development of the cultural landscape in the Po valley as a result of human impact and climate …
AM Mercuri, MB Mazzanti, P Torri, L Vigliotti, G Bosi, A Florenzano, L Olmi, ...
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Climatic cycles as expressed in sediments of the PROMESS1 borehole PRAD1-2, central Adriatic, for the last 370 ka: 1. Integrated stratigraphy
A Piva, A Asioli, R Schneider, F Trincardi, N Andersen, ...
Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 9, 2008
Chronostratigraphy of the 600,000 year old continental record of Lake Van (Turkey)
M Stockhecke, O Kwiecien, L Vigliotti, FS Anselmetti, J Beer, MN Çağatay, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 104, 8-17, 2014
Holocene seasonal sea‐surface temperature variations in the southern Adriatic Sea inferred from a multiproxy approach
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Coccolithophorid ecostratigraphy and multi-proxy paleoceanographic reconstruction in the Southern Adriatic Sea during the last deglacial time (Core AD91-17)
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Records of environmental and climatic changes during the late Holocene from Svalbard: palaeolimnology of Kongressvatnet
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Journal of Paleolimnology 36 (4), 325-351, 2006
The rare earth elements in municipal solid waste incinerators ash and promising tools for their prospecting
V Funari, SNH Bokhari, L Vigliotti, T Meisel, R Braga
Journal of Hazardous materials 301, 471-479, 2016
Paleomagnetic results of Tertiary sediments from Corsica: evidence of post-Eocene rotation
L Vigliotti, DV Kent
Implications of a combined biostratigraphic and palaeomagnetic study of the Umbrian Maiolica Formation
S Cirilli, P Márton, L Vigli
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How accurate is “paleomagnetic dating”? New evidence from historical lavas from Mount Etna
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Magnetic properties of sediments deposited in suboxic-anoxic environments: relationships with biological and geochemical proxies
L Vigliotti, L Capotondi, M Torii
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A geological and paleomagnetic study of the Hyblean volcanic rocks, Sicily
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Secular variation record of the Earth's magnetic field in Italy during the Holocene: constraints for the construction of a master curve
L Vigliotti
Geophysical Journal International 165 (2), 414-429, 2006
No relative rotation detected between Corsica and Sardinia
L Vigliotti, W Alvarez, M McWilliams
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 98 (3-4), 313-318, 1990
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