Romina D. Dimarco
Romina D. Dimarco
CONICET-INTA / University of Houston
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Invasive species: to eat or not to eat, that is the question
MA Nuñez, S Kuebbing, RD Dimarco, D Simberloff
Conservation Letters 5 (5), 334-341, 2012
Global maps of soil temperature
JJ Lembrechts, J van den Hoogen, J Aalto, MB Ashcroft, P De Frenne, ...
Global change biology 28 (9), 3110-3144, 2022
SoilTemp: A global database of near‐surface temperature
JJ Lembrechts, J Aalto, MB Ashcroft, P De Frenne, M Kopecký, J Lenoir, ...
Global change biology 26 (11), 6616-6629, 2020
Ecology and management of invasive Pinaceae around the world: progress and challenges
MA Nuñez, MC Chiuffo, A Torres, T Paul, RD Dimarco, P Raal, N Policelli, ...
Biological Invasions 19, 3099-3120, 2017
Comparing temperature data sources for use in species distribution models: From in‐situ logging to remote sensing
JJ Lembrechts, J Lenoir, N Roth, T Hattab, A Milbau, S Haider, L Pellissier, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 28 (11), 1578-1596, 2019
Exotic mammals disperse exotic fungi that promote invasion by exotic trees
MA Nuñez, J Hayward, TR Horton, GC Amico, RD Dimarco, ...
PLoS one 8 (6), e66832, 2013
Global Invader Impact Network (GIIN): toward standardized evaluation of the ecological impacts of invasive plants
JN Barney, DR Tekiela, MN Barrios‐Garcia, RD Dimarco, RA Hufbauer, ...
Ecology and evolution 5 (14), 2878-2889, 2015
Dear enemy phenomenon in the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex lobicornis: behavioral and genetic evidence
RD Dimarco, AG Farji-Brener, AC Premoli
Behavioral Ecology 21 (2), 304-310, 2010
Pine plantations and invasion alter fuel structure and potential fire behavior in a Patagonian forest-steppe ecotone
J Paritsis, JB Landesmann, T Kitzberger, F Tiribelli, Y Sasal, C Quintero, ...
Forests 9 (3), 117, 2018
Should tree invasions be used in treeless ecosystems to mitigate climate change?
MA Nuñez, KT Davis, RD Dimarco, DA Peltzer, J Paritsis, BD Maxwell, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 19 (6), 334-341, 2021
Economic impact of invasive alien species in Argentina: a first national synthesis
VG Duboscq-Carra, RD Fernandez, PJ Haubrock, RD Dimarco, E Angulo, ...
NeoBiota 67, 329-348, 2021
Family matters: effect of host plant variation in chemical and mechanical defenses on a sequestering specialist herbivore
RD Dimarco, CC Nice, JA Fordyce
Oecologia 170, 687-693, 2012
Think globally, measure locally: The MIREN standardized protocol for monitoring plant species distributions along elevation gradients
S Haider, JJ Lembrechts, K McDougall, A Pauchard, JM Alexander, ...
Ecology and evolution 12 (2), e8590, 2022
Severity of impacts of an introduced species corresponds with regional eco‐evolutionary experience
KT Davis, RM Callaway, A Fajardo, A Pauchard, MA Nuñez, RW Brooker, ...
Ecography 42 (1), 12-22, 2019
Taming the terminological tempest in invasion science
I Soto, P Balzani, L Carneiro, RN Cuthbert, R Macêdo, A Serhan Tarkan, ...
Biological Reviews, 2024
Patrones de herbivoría en seis especies leñosas del bosque templado de América del Sur: evidencia preliminar a favor de la hipótesis del balance carbono-nutrientes
R Dimarco, G Russo, AG Farji-Brener
Ecología austral 14 (1), 39-43, 2004
Why some exotic species are deeply integrated into local cultures while others are reviled
MA Nuñez, RD Dimarco, D Simberloff
From Biocultural Homogenization to Biocultural Conservation, 219-231, 2018
Global invader impact network (GIIN): toward standardized evaluation of the ecological impacts of invasive plants. Ecol Evol 5: 2878–2889
JN Barney, DR Tekiela, MN Barrios-Garcia, RD Dimarco, RA Hufbauer, ...
Keystone species
MA Nuñez, RD Dimarco
The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Ecosystem Management and …, 2012
Host plant trichomes and the advantage of being big: progeny size variation of the pipevine swallowtail
JA Fordyce, RD Dimarco, BA Blankenship, CC Nice
Ecological Entomology 35 (1), 104-107, 2010
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