Tanja Sanders
Tanja Sanders
Thuenen Institute of Forest Ecosystems
Потвърден имейл адрес: thuenen.de
Foliar elemental composition of E uropean forest tree species associated with evolutionary traits and present environmental and competitive conditions
J Sardans, IA Janssens, R Alonso, SD Veresoglou, MC Rillig, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 24 (2), 240-255, 2015
Foliar and soil concentrations and stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorous across European Pinus sylvestris forests: relationships with climate, N deposition and …
J Sardans, R Alonso, IA Janssens, J Carnicer, S Vereseglou, MC Rillig, ...
Functional Ecology 30 (5), 676-689, 2016
UAV-based photogrammetric tree height measurement for intensive forest monitoring
S Krause, TGM Sanders, JP Mund, K Greve
Remote sensing 11 (7), 758, 2019
Responses of forest ecosystems in Europe to decreasing nitrogen deposition
A Schmitz, TGM Sanders, A Bolte, F Bussotti, T Dirnböck, J Johnson, ...
Environmental Pollution 244, 980-994, 2019
Recent global decline of CO2 fertilization effects on vegetation photosynthesis
S Wang, Y Zhang, W Ju, JM Chen, P Ciais, A Cescatti, J Sardans, ...
Science 370 (6522), 1295-1300, 2020
A new evaluation of carbon stocks in B ritish forest soils
EI Vanguelova, TR Nisbet, AJ Moffat, S Broadmeadow, TGM Sanders, ...
Soil Use and Management 29 (2), 169-181, 2013
Monitoring global tree mortality patterns and trends. Report from the VW symposium ‘Crossing scales and disciplines to identify global trends of tree mortality as indicators of …
H Hartmann, B Schuldt, TGM Sanders, C Macinnis‐Ng, HJ Boehmer, ...
New Phytologist 217 (3), 984-987, 2018
Exceedance of critical loads and of critical limits impacts tree nutrition across Europe
P Waldner, A Thimonier, EG Pannatier, S Etzold, M Schmitt, A Marchetto, ...
Annals of Forest Science 72 (7), 929-939, 2015
Reproducing reproduction: How to simulate mast seeding in forest models
G Vacchiano, D Ascoli, F Berzaghi, ME Lucas-Borja, T Caignard, ...
Ecological Modelling 376, 40-53, 2018
CLIMTREG: detecting temporal changes in climate–growth reactions–a computer program using intra-annual daily and yearly moving time intervals of variable width
W Beck, TGM Sanders, U Pofahl
Dendrochronologia 31 (3), 232-241, 2013
Meteorological drivers of extremes in daily stem radius variations of beech, oak, and pine in northeastern Germany: An event coincidence analysis
JF Siegmund, TGM Sanders, I Heinrich, E van der Maaten, S Simard, ...
Frontiers in plant science 7, 733, 2016
Nitrogen deposition is the most important environmental driver of growth of pure, even-aged and managed European forests
S Etzold, M Ferretti, GJ Reinds, S Solberg, A Gessler, P Waldner, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 458, 117762, 2020
Trends in soil solution dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations across European forests
M Camino-Serrano, E Graf Pannatier, S Vicca, S Luyssaert, M Jonard, ...
Biogeosciences 13 (19), 5567-5585, 2016
Species-specific climate response of oaks (Quercus spp.) under identical environmental conditions
TGM Sanders, R Pitman, MSJ Broadmeadow
iForest-Biogeosciences and Forestry 7 (2), 61, 2014
Species-specific climate response of oaks (Quercus spp.) under identical environmental conditions
TGM Sanders, R Pitman, MSJ Broadmeadow
iForest-Biogeosciences and Forestry 7 (2), 61, 2014
Effects of climate, site conditions, and seed quality on recent treeline dynamics in NW Russia: permafrost and lack of reproductive success hamper treeline advance?
M Wilmking, TGM Sanders, Y Zhang, S Kenter, S Holzkämper, ...
Ecosystems 15 (7), 1053-1064, 2012
The PROFOUND Database for evaluating vegetation models and simulating climate impacts on European forests
CPO Reyer, R Silveyra Gonzalez, K Dolos, F Hartig, Y Hauf, M Noack, ...
Earth System Science Data 12 (2), 1295-1320, 2020
Increasing atmospheric CO 2 concentrations correlate with declining nutritional status of European forests
J Penuelas, M Fernández-Martínez, H Vallicrosa, J Maspons, P Zuccarini, ...
Communications biology 3 (1), 1-11, 2020
Towards a new generation of trait-flexible vegetation models
F Berzaghi, IJ Wright, K Kramer, S Oddou-Muratorio, FJ Bohn, CPO Reyer, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35 (3), 191-205, 2020
Tree crown condition and damage causes
V Timmermann, N Potočić, T Sanders, S Trotzer, W Seidling
Forest condition in Europe, 20-59, 2016
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