Rajesh Srivastava
Rajesh Srivastava
Professor of Geology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221005, India
Потвърден имейл адрес: bhu.ac.in
1891–1883 Ma Southern Bastar–Cuddapah mafic igneous events, India: A newly recognized large igneous province
JE French, LM Heaman, T Chacko, RK Srivastava
Precambrian research 160 (3-4), 308-322, 2008
Trace element geochemistry and genesis of Precambrian sub-alkaline mafic dikes from the central Indian craton: evidence for mantle metasomatism
RK Srivastava, RK Singh
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 23 (3), 373-389, 2004
Emplacement age and isotope geochemistry of Sung Valley alkaline–carbonatite complex, Shillong Plateau, northeastern India: implications for primary carbonate melt and genesis …
RK Srivastava, LM Heaman, AK Sinha, S Shihua
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Neoarchaean mafic volcanic rocks from the southern Bastar greenstone belt, Central India: petrological and tectonic significance
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India’s place in the Proterozoic world: constraints from the Large Igneous Province (LIP) record
RE Ernst, RK Srivastava
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Precambrian mafic dyke swarms in the Singhbhum craton (eastern India) and their links with dyke swarms of the eastern Dharwar craton (southern India)
RK Srivastava, U Söderlund, RE Ernst, SK Mondal, AK Samal
Precambrian Research 329, 5-17, 2019
Emplacement ages of Paleoproterozoic mafic dyke swarms in eastern Dharwar craton, India: Implications for paleoreconstructions and support for a∼ 30° change in dyke trends …
U Söderlund, W Bleeker, K Demirer, RK Srivastava, M Hamilton, ...
Precambrian Research 329, 26-43, 2019
Precambrian mafic magmatism in the Bastar craton, Central India
RK Srivastava, GC Gautam
Journal of the Geological Society of India 73 (1), 52-72, 2009
Global Intracratonic Boninite-Norite Magmatism during the Neoarchean—Paleoproterozoic: Evidence from the Central Indian Bastar Craton
RK Srivastava
International Geology Review 50 (1), 61-74, 2008
Dyke swarms: keys for geodynamic interpretation
RK Srivastava
Springer Science & Business Media, 2011
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Neoarchaean high-Mg low-Ti mafic igneous rocks in an intracratonic setting, Central India craton: Evidence for boninite magmatism
RK Srivastava
Geochemical Journal 40 (1), 15-31, 2006
Petrology and geochemistry of diamondiferous Mesoproterozoic kimberlites from Wajrakarur kimberlite field, Eastern Dharwar craton, southern India: genesis and constraints on …
NV Chalapathi Rao, RK Srivastava
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 157, 245-265, 2009
Early Cretaceous Sung Valley ultramafic-alkaline-carbonatite complex, Shillong Plateau, Northeastern India: petrological and genetic significance
RK Srivastava, AK Sinha
Mineralogy and Petrology 80, 241-263, 2004
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Paleo–Mesoproterozoic mafic dyke swarms from northern Bastar craton, central India: Geodynamic implications in reference to Columbia supercontinent
RK Srivastava, GC Gautam
Gondwana Research 28 (3), 1061-1078, 2015
Petrology, geochemistry and tectonic significance of Palaeoproterozoic alkaline lamprophyres from the Jungel Valley, Mahakoshal supracrustal belt, Central India
RK Srivastava, NV Chalapathi Rao
Mineralogy and Petrology 89, 189-215, 2007
Petrogenesis of Kerguelen mantle plume-linked Early Cretaceous ultrapotassic intrusive rocks from the Gondwana sedimentary basins, Damodar Valley, Eastern India
NVC Rao, RK Srivastava, AK Sinha, V Ravikant
Earth-Science Reviews 136, 96-120, 2014
Cretaceous potassic intrusives with affinities to aillikites from Jharia area: Magmatic expression of metasomatically veined and thinned lithospheric mantle beneath Singhbhum …
RK Srivastava, NVC Rao, AK Sinha
Lithos 112, 407-418, 2009
Precambrian Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) and their dyke swarms: New insights from high-precision geochronology integrated with paleomagnetism and geochemistry
RE Ernst, RK Srivastava, W Bleeker, M Hamilton
Precambrian Research 183 (3), 7-11, 2010
Contrasting Precambrian mafic dykes of the Bastar craton, Central India: petrological and geochemical characteristics
RK Srivastava, RP Hall, R Verma, RK Singh
Journal of the Geological Society of India 48, 537-546, 1996
Geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of four Palaeoproterozoic mafic dike swarms and associated large igneous provinces from the eastern Dharwar craton, India
RK Srivastava, AK Samal, GC Gautam
International Geology Review 57 (11-12), 1462-1484, 2015
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