R. C. Albers
R. C. Albers
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Theoretical approaches to x-ray absorption fine structure
JJ Rehr, RC Albers
Reviews of modern physics 72 (3), 621, 2000
Multiple-scattering calculations of X-ray-absorption spectra
SI Zabinsky, JJ Rehr, A Ankudinov, RC Albers, MJ Eller
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JJ Rehr, J Mustre de Leon, SI Zabinsky, RC Albers
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JJ Rehr, RC Albers, SI Zabinsky
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JM De Leon, JJ Rehr, SI Zabinsky, RC Albers
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JJ Rehr, RC Albers
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Orbital magnetism in fe, co, and ni
O Eriksson, B Johansson, RC Albers, AM Boring, MSS Brooks
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RG Hennig, DR Trinkle, J Bouchet, SG Srinivasan, RC Albers, JW Wilkins
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New high-energy approximation for x-ray-absorption near-edge structure
JJ Rehr, RC Albers, CR Natoli, EA Stern
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New Mechanism for the to Martensitic Transformation in Pure Titanium
DR Trinkle, RG Hennig, SG Srinivasan, DM Hatch, MD Jones, HT Stokes, ...
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P Söderlind, O Eriksson, B Johansson, RC Albers, AM Boring
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SP Chen, AF Voter, RC Albers, AM Boring, PJ Hay
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Calculated elastic constants and structural properties of Mo and MoSi 2
M Alouani, RC Albers, M Methfessel
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Energy and pressure versus volume: Equations of state motivated by the stabilized jellium model
AB Alchagirov, JP Perdew, JC Boettger, RC Albers, C Fiolhais
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Shock waves in polycrystalline iron
K Kadau, TC Germann, PS Lomdahl, RC Albers, JS Wark, ...
Physical review letters 98 (13), 135701, 2007
Prediction of ferromagnetism and metamagnetism in 4d transition-metal overlayers on the (001) surface of Ag (4d= Tc, Ru, Rh, and Pd)
O Eriksson, RC Albers, AM Boring
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Quasiparticle properties of Fe, co, and Ni
MM Steiner, RC Albers, LJ Sham
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Theoretical atomic volumes of the light actinides
MD Jones, JC Boettger, RC Albers, DJ Singh
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Layer Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker electronic structure code for bulk and interface geometries
JM MacLaren, S Crampin, DD Vvedensky, RC Albers, JB Pendry
Computer Physics Communications 60 (3), 365-389, 1990
Shock-induced α–ω transition in titanium
CW Greeff, DR Trinkle, RC Albers
Journal of Applied Physics 90 (5), 2221-2226, 2001
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