W.J. Clegg
W.J. Clegg
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A simple way to make tough ceramics
WJ Clegg, K Kendall, NMN Alford, TW Button, JD Birchall
Nature 347 (6292), 455-457, 1990
The fabrication and failure of laminar ceramic composites
WJ Clegg
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S Korte, WJ Clegg
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S Korte, WJ Clegg
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L Goehring, R Conroy, A Akhter, WJ Clegg, AF Routh
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Role of carbon in the sintering of boron‐doped silicon carbide
WJ Clegg
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AJ Phillipps, WJ Clegg, TW Clyne
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LJ Vandeperre, F Giuliani, SJ Lloyd, WJ Clegg
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WJ Clegg
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SJ Lloyd, A Castellero, F Giuliani, Y Long, KK McLaughlin, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2005
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S Liu, JM Wheeler, PR Howie, XT Zeng, J Michler, WJ Clegg
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S Korte, RJ Stearn, JM Wheeler, WJ Clegg
Journal of Materials Research 27 (1), 167-176, 2011
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