Patrick M. A. James
Patrick M. A. James
University of Toronto, Forestry
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Considering spatial and temporal scale in landscape‐genetic studies of gene flow
CD Anderson, BK Epperson, MJ FORTIN, R Holderegger, PMA James, ...
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Utility of computer simulations in landscape genetics
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Global review on interactions between insect pests and other forest disturbances
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Characterizing the physical and genetic structure of the lodgepole pine× jack pine hybrid zone: mosaic structure and differential introgression
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Blended learning: An approach to delivering science courses on-line
I Clark, P James
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A conceptual framework for the spruce budworm early intervention strategy: can outbreaks be stopped?
RC Johns, JJ Bowden, DR Carleton, BJ Cooke, S Edwards, EJS Emilson, ...
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Modelling spatial interactions among fire, spruce budworm, and logging in the boreal forest
PMA James, MJ Fortin, BR Sturtevant, A Fall, D Kneeshaw
Ecosystems 14, 60-75, 2011
Lagged cumulative spruce budworm defoliation affects the risk of fire ignition in Ontario, Canada
PMA James, LE Robert, BM Wotton, DL Martell, RA Fleming
Ecological Applications 27 (2), 532-544, 2017
Landscape host abundance and configuration regulate periodic outbreak behavior in spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana
LE Robert, BR Sturtevant, BJ Cooke, PMA James, MJ Fortin, ...
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Strategies to optimize modeling habitat suitability of Bertholletia excelsa in the Pan‐Amazonia
DCM Tourne, MVR Ballester, PMA James, LG Martorano, MC Guedes, ...
Ecology and Evolution 9 (22), 12623-12638, 2019
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