Jacob Allgeier
Jacob Allgeier
Assistant Professor EEB University of Michigan
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Niche width collapse in a resilient top predator following ecosystem fragmentation
CA Layman, JP Quattrochi, CM Peyer, JE Allgeier
Ecology letters 10 (10), 937-944, 2007
Characterizing trophic ecology of generalist consumers: a case study of the invasive lionfish in The Bahamas
CA Layman, JE Allgeier
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Nutrient supply from fishes facilitates macroalgae and suppresses corals in a Caribbean coral reef ecosystem
DE Burkepile, JE Allgeier, AA Shantz, CE Pritchard, NP Lemoine, ...
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Consumers regulate nutrient limitation regimes and primary production in seagrass ecosystems
JE Allgeier, LA Yeager, CA Layman
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The frequency and magnitude of non‐additive responses to multiple nutrient enrichment
JE Allgeier, AD Rosemond, CA Layman
Journal of Applied Ecology 48 (1), 96-101, 2011
Metabolic theory and taxonomic identity predict nutrient recycling in a diverse food web
JE Allgeier, SJ Wenger, AD Rosemond, DE Schindler, CA Layman
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (20), E2640-E2647, 2015
Consistent nutrient storage and supply mediated by diverse fish communities in coral reef ecosystems
JE Allgeier, CA Layman, PJ Mumby, AD Rosemond
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Marine fisheries declines viewed upside down: human impacts on consumer‐driven nutrient recycling
CA Layman, JE Allgeier, AD Rosemond, CP Dahlgren, LA Yeager
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Effects of habitat heterogeneity at multiple spatial scales on fish community assembly
LA Yeager, CA Layman, JE Allgeier
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Animal pee in the sea: consumer‐mediated nutrient dynamics in the world's changing oceans
JE Allgeier, DE Burkepile, CA Layman
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Foraging choices of vampire bats in diverse landscapes: Potential implications for land‐use change and disease transmission
DG Streicker, JE Allgeier
Journal of Applied Ecology 53 (4), 1280-1288, 2016
Thresholds of ecosystem response to nutrient enrichment from fish aggregations
CA Layman, JE Allgeier, LA Yeager, EW Stoner
Ecology 94 (2), 530-536, 2013
Fishing down nutrients on coral reefs
JE Allgeier, A Valdivia, C Cox, CA Layman
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-5, 2016
Ecosystem ecology
DR Zak, J Allgeier
Feeding Prometheus: An interdisciplinary approach for solving the global food crisis
J Vandermeer, A Aga, J Allgeier, C Badgley, R Baucom, J Blesh, ...
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 2, 39, 2018
Hot moments in spawning aggregations: implications for ecosystem-scale nutrient cycling
SK Archer, JE Allgeier, BX Semmens, SA Heppell, ...
Coral Reefs 34 (1), 19-23, 2015
Mechanistic evidence of enhanced production on artificial reefs: a case study in a Bahamian seagrass ecosystem
CA Layman, JE Allgeier, CG Montaña
Ecological Engineering 95, 574-579, 2016
Synergistic nutrient colimitation across a gradient of ecosystem fragmentation in subtropical mangrove‐dominated wetlands
JE Allgeier, AD Rosemond, AS Mehring, CA Layman
Limnology and Oceanography 55 (6), 2660-2668, 2010
Predator effects on faunal community composition in shallow seagrass beds of The Bahamas
CM Hammerschlag-Peyer, JE Allgeier, CA Layman
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 446, 282-290, 2013
The importance of individual and species-level traits for trophic niches among herbivorous coral reef fishes
JE Allgeier, TC Adam, DE Burkepile
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1856), 20170307, 2017
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