Michelle Greve
Michelle Greve
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Determinants of palm species distributions across Africa: the relative roles of climate, non‐climatic environmental factors, and spatial constraints
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COVID-19 and the academe in South Africa: Not business as usual
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Taxonomic homogenization and differentiation across Southern Ocean Islands differ among insects and vascular plants
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Realising the potential of herbarium records for conservation biology
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Making messy data work for conservation
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Optimizing investments in national-scale forest landscape restoration in Uganda to maximize multiple benefits
JD Gourevitch, PL Hawthorne, BL Keeler, CR Beatty, M Greve, ...
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Endemicity biases nestedness metrics: a demonstration, explanation and solution
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Benefits of Group Living Include Increased Feeding Efficiency and Lower Mass Loss during Desiccation in the Social and Inbreeding Spider Stegodyphus dumicola
B Vanthournout, M Greve, A Bruun, J Bechsgaard, J Overgaard, T Bilde
Frontiers in Physiology 7, 18, 2016
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