Luis Esquivias Fedriani
Luis Esquivias Fedriani
Catedrático de Física de la Materia Condensada, Universidad de Sevilla
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Sol–gel processing of optical and electrooptical materials
D Levy, L Esquivias
Advanced Materials 7 (2), 120-129, 1995
Procedure to use phosphogypsum industrial waste for mineral CO2 sequestration
C Cárdenas-Escudero, V Morales-Flórez, R Pérez-López, A Santos, ...
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Fractionation and fluxes of metals and radionuclides during the recycling process of phosphogypsum wastes applied to mineral CO2 sequestration
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Stress during drying of two stone consolidants applied in monumental conservation
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Sonogels and derived materials
E Blanco, L Esquivias, R Litrán, M Piñero, M Ramírez‐del‐Solar, ...
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New route for producing crack-free xerogels: obtaining uniform pore size
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Application of mercury porosimetry to the study of xerogels used as stone consolidants
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Producing crack-free colloid− polymer hybrid gels by tailoring porosity
MJ Mosquera, M Bejarano, N de la Rosa-Fox, L Esquivias
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Larnite powders and larnite/silica aerogel composites as effective agents for CO2 sequestration by carbonation
A Santos, M Ajbary, V Morales-Flórez, A Kherbeche, M Piñero, ...
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Chemically Active Silica Aerogel−Wollastonite Composites for CO2 Fixation by Carbonation Reactions
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Nanoindentation on hybrid organic/inorganic silica aerogels
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Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (11), 3311-3316, 2007
Hydration and carbonation reactions of calcium oxide by weathering: kinetics and changes in the nanostructure
V Morales-Flórez, A Santos, I Romero-Hermida, L Esquivias
Chemical Engineering Journal 265, 194-200, 2015
Artificial weathering pools of calcium-rich industrial waste for CO2 sequestration
V Morales-Flórez, A Santos, A Lemus, L Esquivias
Chemical engineering journal 166 (1), 132-137, 2011
Kinetic study of gelation of solventless alkoxide-water mixtures
M Ramirez-Del-Solar, N De La Rosa-Fox, L Esquivias, J Zarzycki
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Preparation of rhodium catalysts dispersed on TiO2SiO2 aerogels
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Removal of basic yellow cationic dye by an aqueous dispersion of Moroccan stevensite
M Ajbary, A Santos, V Morales-Flórez, L Esquivias
Applied Clay Science 80, 46-51, 2013
New method for carbon dioxide mineralization based on phosphogypsum and aluminium-rich industrial wastes resulting in valuable carbonated by-products
I Romero-Hermida, A Santos, R Pérez-López, R García-Tenorio, ...
Journal of CO2 Utilization 18, 15-22, 2017
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