Adam Barnett
Adam Barnett
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Global spatial risk assessment of sharks under the footprint of fisheries
N Queiroz, NE Humphries, A Couto, M Vedor, I Da Costa, AMM Sequeira, ...
Nature 572 (7770), 461-466, 2019
Residency and spatial use by reef sharks of an isolated seamount and its implications for conservation
A Barnett, KG Abrantes, J Seymour, R Fitzpatrick
PloS one 7 (5), e36574, 2012
Variation in depth of whitetip reef sharks: does provisioning ecotourism change their behaviour?
R Fitzpatrick, KG Abrantes, J Seymour, A Barnett
Coral Reefs 30 (3), 569-577, 2011
Stable isotope‐based community metrics as a tool to identify patterns in food web structure in east A frican estuaries
KG Abrantes, A Barnett, S Bouillon
Functional ecology 28 (1), 270-282, 2014
Non-lethal method to obtain stomach samples from a large marine predator and the use of DNA analysis to improve dietary information
A Barnett, KS Redd, SD Frusher, JD Stevens, JM Semmens
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 393 (1-2), 188-192, 2010
Site fidelity and sex-specific migration in a mobile apex predator: implications for conservation and ecosystem dynamics
A Barnett, KG Abrantes, JD Stevens, JM Semmens
Animal Behaviour 81 (5), 1039-1048, 2011
Opportunistic visitors: long-term behavioural response of bull sharks to food provisioning in Fiji
JM Brunnschweiler, A Barnett
PloS one 8 (3), e58522, 2013
A global perspective on the trophic geography of sharks
CS Bird, A Veríssimo, S Magozzi, KG Abrantes, A Aguilar, H Al-Reasi, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (2), 299-305, 2018
Ecotourism increases the field metabolic rate of whitetip reef sharks
A Barnett, NL Payne, JM Semmens, R Fitzpatrick
Biological Conservation 199, 132-136, 2016
Are we killing them with kindness? Evaluation of sustainable marine wildlife tourism
C Trave, J Brunnschweiler, M Sheaves, A Diedrich, A Barnett
Biological conservation 209, 211-222, 2017
A comparison of the seasonal movements of tiger sharks and green turtles provides insight into their predator-prey relationship
R Fitzpatrick, M Thums, I Bell, MG Meekan, JD Stevens, A Barnett
PloS one 7 (12), e51927, 2012
An overview on the role of Hexanchiformes in marine ecosystems: biology, ecology and conservation status of a primitive order of modern sharks
A Barnett, JM Braccini, CA Awruch, DA Ebert
Journal of Fish Biology 80 (5), 966-990, 2012
Intrapopulation variations in diet and habitat use in a marine apex predator, the broadnose sevengill shark Notorynchus cepedianus
KG Abrantes, A Barnett
Marine Ecology Progress Series 442, 133-148, 2011
Sequential movement into coastal habitats and high spatial overlap of predator and prey suggest high predation pressure in protected areas
A Barnett, JM Semmens
Oikos 121 (6), 882-890, 2012
Fine-scale movements of the broadnose sevengill shark and its main prey, the gummy shark
A Barnett, KG Abrantes, JD Stevens, BD Bruce, JM Semmens
PloS one 5 (12), e15464, 2010
Combining abundance and performance data reveals how temperature regulates coastal occurrences and activity of a roaming apex predator
NL Payne, CG Meyer, JA Smith, JDR Houghton, A Barnett, BJ Holmes, ...
Global change biology 24 (5), 1884-1893, 2018
Importance of terrestrial subsidies for estuarine food webs in contrasting East African catchments
KG Abrantes, A Barnett, TR Marwick, S Bouillon
Ecosphere 4 (1), 1-33, 2013
Long-term changes in species composition and relative abundances of sharks at a provisioning site
JM Brunnschweiler, KG Abrantes, A Barnett
PLoS One 9 (1), e86682, 2014
Conservation potential of apex predator tourism
C Macdonald, AJ Gallagher, A Barnett, J Brunnschweiler, DS Shiffman, ...
Biological Conservation 215, 132-141, 2017
Integrating acoustic telemetry into mark–recapture models to improve the precision of apparent survival and abundance estimates
CL Dudgeon, KH Pollock, JM Braccini, JM Semmens, A Barnett
Oecologia 178 (3), 761-772, 2015
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