Christopher Witte
Christopher Witte
University of Melbourne
Потвърден имейл адрес: witte.net.au
Development of an antibody-based, modular biosensor for 129Xe NMR molecular imaging of cells at nanomolar concentrations
HM Rose, C Witte, F Rossella, S Klippel, C Freund, L Schröder
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (32), 11697-11702, 2014
Live‐cell MRI with xenon hyper‐CEST biosensors targeted to metabolically labeled cell‐surface glycans
C Witte, V Martos, HM Rose, S Reinke, S Klippel, L Schröder, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (9), 2806-2810, 2015
Cell tracking with caged xenon: using cryptophanes as MRI reporters upon cellular internalization
S Klippel, J Döpfert, J Jayapaul, M Kunth, F Rossella, M Schnurr, C Witte, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (2), 493-496, 2014
Preparation of biogenic gas vesicle nanostructures for use as contrast agents for ultrasound and MRI
A Lakshmanan, GJ Lu, A Farhadi, SP Nety, M Kunth, A Lee-Gosselin, ...
Nature protocols 12 (10), 2050-2080, 2017
Identification, classification, and signal amplification capabilities of high-turnover gas binding hosts in ultra-sensitive NMR
M Kunth, C Witte, A Hennig, L Schröder
Chemical science 6 (11), 6069-6075, 2015
NMR of hyperpolarised probes
C Witte, L Schröder
NMR in Biomedicine 26 (7), 788-802, 2013
Biomembrane Interactions of Functionalized Cryptophane‐A: Combined Fluorescence and 129Xe NMR Studies of a Bimodal Contrast Agent
J Sloniec, M Schnurr, C Witte, U Resch‐Genger, L Schröder, A Hennig
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (9), 3110-3118, 2013
Quantitative chemical exchange saturation transfer with hyperpolarized nuclei (qHyper-CEST): Sensing xenon-host exchange dynamics and binding affinities by NMR
M Kunth, C Witte, L Schröder
The Journal of chemical physics 141 (19), 194202, 2014
Observing and preventing rubidium runaway in a direct-infusion xenon-spin hyperpolarizer optimized for high-resolution hyper-CEST (chemical exchange saturation transfer using …
C Witte, M Kunth, F Rossella, L Schröder
The Journal of chemical physics 140 (8), 084203, 2014
Optimized Use of Reversible Binding for Fast and Selective NMR Localization of Caged Xenon
M Kunth, J Döpfert, C Witte, F Rossella, L Schröder
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2012
Hyperpolarized xenon for NMR and MRI applications
C Witte, M Kunth, J Döpfert, F Rossella, L Schröder
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e4268, 2012
Functionalized 129 Xe as a potential biosensor for membrane fluidity
M Schnurr, C Witte, L Schröder
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (34), 14178-14181, 2013
Finite difference method calculations of X-ray absorption fine structure for copper
JD Bourke, CT Chantler, C Witte
Physics Letters A 360 (6), 702-706, 2007
Fast Gradient‐Encoded CEST Spectroscopy of Hyperpolarized Xenon
J Döpfert, C Witte, L Schröder
ChemPhysChem 15 (2), 261-264, 2014
Modelling high-resolution electron microscopy based on core-loss spectroscopy
LJ Allen, SD Findlay, MP Oxley, C Witte, NJ Zaluzec
Ultramicroscopy 106 (11-12), 1001-1011, 2006
Slice-selective gradient-encoded CEST spectroscopy for monitoring dynamic parameters and high-throughput sample characterization
J Döpfert, C Witte, L Schröder
Journal of magnetic resonance 237, 34-39, 2013
Ultrafast CEST imaging
J Döpfert, M Zaiss, C Witte, L Schröder
Journal of magnetic resonance 243, 47-53, 2014
Continuous‐wave saturation considerations for efficient xenon depolarization
M Kunth, C Witte, L Schröder
NMR in Biomedicine 28 (6), 601-606, 2015
Protein nanostructures produce self-adjusting hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging contrast through physical gas partitioning
M Kunth, GJ Lu, C Witte, MG Shapiro, L Schröder
ACS nano 12 (11), 10939-10948, 2018
Sensitivity enhancement of (Hyper‐) CEST image series by exploiting redundancies in the spectral domain
J Döpfert, C Witte, M Kunth, L Schröder
Contrast media & molecular imaging 9 (1), 100-107, 2014
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