Peter Lightfoot
Peter Lightfoot
President and Chief Geologist, Lightfoot Geoscience Inc.
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Formation of magmatic nickel sulfide deposits and processes affecting their copper and platinum group element contents
SJ Barnes, PC Lightfoot
Remobilisation of the continental lithosphere by a mantle plume: major-, trace-element, and Sr-, Nd-, and Pb-isotope evidence from picritic and tholeiitic lavas of the Noril'sk …
PC Lightfoot, CJ Hawkesworth, J Hergt, AJ Naldrett, NS Gorbachev, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 114 (2), 171-188, 1993
Geochemistry of the Siberian Trap of the Noril'sk area, USSR, with implications for the relative contributions of crust and mantle to flood basalt magmatism
PC Lightfoot, AJ Naldrett, NS Gorbachev, W Doherty, VA Fedorenko
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 104 (6), 631-644, 1990
Siderophile and chalcophile metal variations in flood basalts from the Siberian trap, Noril’sk region: Implications for the origin of the Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ores
PC Lightfoot, RR Keays
Economic Geology 100 (3), 439-462, 2005
Geology and geochemistry of intrusions and flood basalts of the Noril'sk region, USSR, with implications for the origin of the Ni-Cu ores
AJ Naldrett, PC Lightfoot, V Fedorenko, W Doherty, NS Gorbachev
Economic Geology 87 (4), 975-1004, 1992
Magma differentiation and mineralisation in the Siberian continental flood basalts
CJ Hawkesworth, PC Lightfoot, VA Fedorenko, S Blake, AJ Naldrett, ...
Lithos 34 (1-3), 61-88, 1995
Siderophile and chalcophile metals as tracers of the evolution of the Siberian Trap in the Noril'sk region, Russia
GE Brügmann, AJ Naldrett, M Asif, PC Lightfoot, NS Gorbachev, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 57 (9), 2001-2018, 1993
Source and differentiation of Deccan Trap lavas: implications of geochemical and mineral chemical variations
PC Lightfoot, CJ Hawkesworth, CW Devey, NW Rogers, ...
Journal of Petrology 31 (5), 1165-1200, 1990
Origin of Deccan Trap lavas: evidence from combined trace element and Sr-, Nd-and Pb-isotope studies
P Lightfoot, C Hawkesworth
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 91 (1-2), 89-104, 1988
Crustal sulfur is required to form magmatic Ni–Cu sulfide deposits: evidence from chalcophile element signatures of Siberian and Deccan Trap basalts
RR Keays, PC Lightfoot
Mineralium Deposita 45, 241-257, 2010
Petrogenesis of rhyolites and trachytes from the Deccan Trap: Sr, Nd and Pb isotope and trace element evidence
PC Lightfoot, CJ Hawkesworth, SF Sethna
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 95 (1), 44-54, 1987
Volcanological and tectonic control of stratigraphy and structure in the western Deccan Traps
CW Devey, PC Lightfoot
Bulletin of volcanology 48, 195-207, 1986
Petrogenesis of the flood-basalt sequence at Noril'sk, North Central Siberia
VA Fedorenko, PC Lightfoot, AJ Naldrett, GK Czamanske, ...
International Geology Review 38 (2), 99-135, 1996
Sulfur isotopic studies of continental flood basalts in the Noril’sk region: Implications for the association between lavas and ore-bearing intrusions
EM Ripley, PC Lightfoot, C Li, ER Elswick
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 67 (15), 2805-2817, 2003
Flood basalts and magmatic Ni, Cu, and PGE sulphide mineralization: comparative geochemistry of the Noril'sk (Siberian Traps) and West Greenland sequences
PC Lightfoot, CJ Hawkesworth
Geophysical Monograph Series 100, 357-380, 1997
Sulfide saturation and magma emplacement in the formation of the Permian Huangshandong Ni-Cu sulfide deposit, Xinjiang, northwestern China
JF Gao, MF Zhou, PC Lightfoot, CY Wang, L Qi, M Sun
Economic Geology 108 (8), 1833-1848, 2013
Controls on the composition of Ni-Cu sulfide deposits as illustrated by those at Noril'sk, Siberia
AJ Naldrett, VA Fedorenko, M Asif, S Lin, VE Kunilov, AI Stekhin, ...
Economic Geology 91 (4), 751-773, 1996
Chemostratigraphy of Siberian trap lavas, Noril’sk District, Russia: implications for the source of flood basalt magmas and their associated Ni-Cu mineralization
PC Lightfoot, AJ Naldrett, NS Gorbachev, VA Fedorenko, ...
Ont. Geol. Surv. Spec. Publ 5, 283-312, 1994
Sulfide-silicate textures in magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide ore deposits: Disseminated and net-textured ores
SJ Barnes, JE Mungall, M Le Vaillant, B Godel, CM Lesher, D Holwell, ...
American Mineralogist 102 (3), 473-506, 2017
Geochemical relationships in the Sudbury igneous complex; origin of the main mass and offset dikes
PC Lightfoot, RR Keays, GG Morrison, A Bite, KP Farrell
Economic Geology 92 (3), 289-307, 1997
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