Brendon L. Higgins
Brendon L. Higgins
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
Потвърден имейл адрес: uwaterloo.ca
Entanglement-free Heisenberg-limited phase estimation
BL Higgins, DW Berry, SD Bartlett, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
Nature 450 (7168), 393-396, 2007
Entanglement-enhanced measurement of a completely unknown optical phase
GY Xiang, BL Higgins, DW Berry, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
Nature Photonics 5 (1), 43-47, 2011
A comprehensive design and performance analysis of low Earth orbit satellite quantum communication
JP Bourgoin, E Meyer-Scott, BL Higgins, B Helou, C Erven, H Huebel, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (2), 023006, 2013
Fundamental quantum optics experiments conceivable with satellites—reaching relativistic distances and velocities
D Rideout, T Jennewein, G Amelino-Camelia, TF Demarie, BL Higgins, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 29 (22), 224011, 2012
How to perform the most accurate possible phase measurements
DW Berry, BL Higgins, SD Bartlett, MW Mitchell, GJ Pryde, HM Wiseman
Physical Review A 80 (5), 052114, 2009
Demonstrating Heisenberg-limited unambiguous phase estimation without adaptive measurements
BL Higgins, DW Berry, SD Bartlett, MW Mitchell, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
New Journal of Physics 11 (7), 073023, 2009
Airborne demonstration of a quantum key distribution receiver payload
CJ Pugh, S Kaiser, JP Bourgoin, J Jin, N Sultana, S Agne, E Anisimova, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 2 (2), 024009, 2017
Free-space quantum key distribution to a moving receiver
JP Bourgoin, BL Higgins, N Gigov, C Holloway, CJ Pugh, S Kaiser, ...
Optics express 23 (26), 33437-33447, 2015
Experimental three-photon quantum nonlocality under strict locality conditions
C Erven, E Meyer-Scott, K Fisher, J Lavoie, BL Higgins, Z Yan, CJ Pugh, ...
Nature photonics 8 (4), 292-296, 2014
Experimental quantum key distribution with simulated ground-to-satellite photon losses and processing limitations
JP Bourgoin, N Gigov, BL Higgins, Z Yan, E Meyer-Scott, AK Khandani, ...
Physical Review A 92 (5), 052339, 2015
QEYSSAT: a mission proposal for a quantum receiver in space
T Jennewein, JP Bourgoin, B Higgins, C Holloway, E Meyer-Scott, ...
Advances in photonics of quantum computing, memory, and communication VII …, 2014
Genuine time-bin-encoded quantum key distribution over a turbulent depolarizing free-space channel
J Jin, JP Bourgoin, R Tannous, S Agne, CJ Pugh, KB Kuntz, BL Higgins, ...
Optics express 27 (26), 37214-37223, 2019
The NanoQEY mission: ground to space quantum key and entanglement distribution using a nanosatellite
T Jennewein, C Grant, E Choi, C Pugh, C Holloway, JP Bourgoin, ...
Emerging technologies in security and defence II; and quantum-physics-based …, 2014
The quantum space race
T Jennewein, B Higgins
Physics World 26 (03), 52, 2013
Mitigating radiation damage of single photon detectors for space applications
E Anisimova, BL Higgins, JP Bourgoin, M Cranmer, E Choi, D Hudson, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 4, 1-14, 2017
Adaptive measurements in the optical quantum information laboratory
HM Wiseman, DW Berry, SD Bartlett, BL Higgins, GJ Pryde
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 15 (6), 1661-1672, 2009
Mixed state discrimination using optimal control
BL Higgins, BM Booth, AC Doherty, SD Bartlett, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
Physical review letters 103 (22), 220503, 2009
Multiple-copy state discrimination: Thinking globally, acting locally
BL Higgins, AC Doherty, SD Bartlett, GJ Pryde, HM Wiseman
Physical Review A 83 (5), 052314, 2011
Novel high-speed polarization source for decoy-state BB84 quantum key distribution over free space and satellite links
Z Yan, E Meyer-Scott, JP Bourgoin, BL Higgins, N Gigov, A MacDonald, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 31 (9), 1399-1408, 2013
Using weak values to experimentally determine “negative probabilities” in a two-photon state with Bell correlations
BL Higgins, MS Palsson, GY Xiang, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
Physical Review A 91 (1), 012113, 2015
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