Marcos Bouza
Marcos Bouza
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Exhaled breath and oral cavity VOCs as potential biomarkers in oral cancer patients
M Bouza, J Gonzalez-Soto, R Pereiro, JC de Vicente, A Sanz-Medel
Journal of Breath Research 11 (1), 016015, 2017
Sub-nanoliter metabolomics via mass spectrometry to characterize volume-limited samples
Y Li, M Bouza, C Wu, H Guo, D Huang, G Doron, JS Temenoff, ...
Nature Communications 11 (1), 5625, 2020
Ambient (desorption/ionization) mass spectrometry methods for pesticide testing in food: a review
M Beneito-Cambra, B Gilbert-López, D Moreno-González, M Bouza, ...
Analytical Methods 12 (40), 4831-4852, 2020
Direct analysis of olive oil and other vegetable oils by mass spectrometry: a review
M Beneito-Cambra, D Moreno-González, JF García-Reyes, M Bouza, ...
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 132, 116046, 2020
Thioesters provide a plausible prebiotic path to proto-peptides
M Frenkel-Pinter, M Bouza, FM Fernández, LJ Leman, LD Williams, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 2569, 2022
Prebiotic Origin of Pre‐RNA Building Blocks in a Urea “Warm Little Pond” Scenario
C Menor Salván, M Bouza, DM Fialho, BT Burcar, FM Fernández, NV Hud
ChemBioChem 21 (24), 3504-3510, 2020
Robotic surface analysis mass spectrometry (RoSA-MS) of three-dimensional objects
A Li, MRL Paine, S Zambrzycki, RB Stryffeler, J Wu, M Bouza, J Huckaby, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (6), 3981-3986, 2018
Assessment of a specific sample cleanup for the multiresidue determination of veterinary drugs and pesticides in salmon using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry
D Castilla-Fernández, D Moreno-González, M Bouza, A Saez-Gómez, ...
Food Control 130, 108311, 2021
Triboelectric Nanogenerator Ion Mobility–Mass Spectrometry for In-Depth Lipid Annotation
M Bouza, Y Li, AC Wang, ZL Wang, FM Fernández
Analytical Chemistry 93 (13), 5468-5475, 2021
Laboratory evaluation of twelve portable devices for medicine quality screening
SC Zambrzycki, C Caillet, S Vickers, M Bouza, DV Donndelinger, ...
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 15 (9), e0009360, 2021
Large-Area Triboelectric Nanogenerator Mass Spectrometry: Expanded Coverage, Double-Bond Pinpointing, and Supercharging
M Bouza, Y Li, C Wu, H Guo, ZL Wang, FM Fernández
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 31 (3), 727-734, 2020
Pulsed radiofrequency glow discharge time of flight mass spectrometry for coated glass analysis
M Bouza, R Pereiro, N Bordel, A Sanz-Medel, B Fernández
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 30 (5), 1108-1116, 2015
RF-pulsed glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry for glass analysis: Investigation of the ion source design
M Bouza, B Fernández, C González-Gago, N Bordel, R Pereiro, ...
Analytica chimica acta 756, 30-36, 2012
Compositional characterization of complex protopeptide libraries via triboelectric nanogenerator Orbitrap mass spectrometry
M Bouza, A Li, JG Forsythe, A Petrov, ZL Wang, FM Fernández
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 33 (16), 1293-1300, 2019
A flowing atmospheric pressure afterglow as an ion source coupled to a differential mobility analyzer for volatile organic compound detection
M Bouza, J Orejas, S López-Vidal, J Pisonero, N Bordel, R Pereiro, ...
Analyst 141 (11), 3437-3443, 2016
A novel gas sampling introduction interface for fast analysis of volatile organic compounds using radiofrequency pulsed glow discharge time of flight mass spectrometry
J Fandino, M Bouza, J Pisonero, D Blanco, A Sanz-Medel, N Bordel
Analytica chimica acta 1038, 59-66, 2018
Direct wine profiling by mass spectrometry (MS): A comparison of different ambient MS approaches
L Bartella, M Bouza, P Rocío-Bautista, L Di Donna, JF Garcia-Reyes, ...
Microchemical Journal 179, 107479, 2022
Comparison of high-resolution Fourier transform mass spectrometry platforms for putative metabolite annotation
D Huang, M Bouza, DA Gaul, FE Leach III, IJ Amster, FC Schroeder, ...
Analytical chemistry 93 (36), 12374-12382, 2021
Proline Behavior in Model Prebiotic Peptides Formed by Wet–Dry Cycling
JN Ervin, M Bouza, FM Fernández, JG Forsythe
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 4 (8), 1349-1359, 2020
Volatile organic compound analysis by pulsed glow discharge time of flight mass spectrometry as a structural elucidation tool
M Bouza, J Fandino, N Bordel, R Pereiro, A Sanz‐Medel
Journal of Mass Spectrometry 52 (9), 561-570, 2017
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