Erin C. Young
Erin C. Young
Потвърден имейл адрес: engineering.ucsb.edu
Giant spin-orbit bowing in GaAs 1− x Bi x
B Fluegel, S Francoeur, A Mascarenhas, S Tixier, EC Young, T Tiedje
Physical review letters 97 (6), 067205, 2006
Materials and growth issues for high-performance nonpolar and semipolar light-emitting devices
RM Farrell, EC Young, F Wu, SP DenBaars, JS Speck
Semiconductor Science and Technology 27 (2), 024001, 2012
Basal plane misfit dislocations and stress relaxation in III-nitride semipolar heteroepitaxy
AE Romanov, EC Young, F Wu, A Tyagi, CS Gallinat, S Nakamura, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (10), 103522, 2011
Demonstration of a III-nitride vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with a III-nitride tunnel junction intracavity contact
JT Leonard, EC Young, DA Cohen, BP Yonkee, T Margalith, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (9), 091105, 2015
Electron mobility in dilute GaAs bismide and nitride alloys measured by time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy
DG Cooke, FA Hegmann, EC Young, T Tiedje
Applied physics letters 89 (12), 122103, 2006
Surfactant enhanced growth of GaNAs and InGaNAs using bismuth
S Tixier, M Adamcyk, EC Young, JH Schmid, T Tiedje
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Hybrid tunnel junction contacts to III–nitride light-emitting diodes
EC Young, BP Yonkee, F Wu, SH Oh, SP DenBaars, S Nakamura, ...
Applied Physics Express 9 (2), 022102, 2016
Partial strain relaxation via misfit dislocation generation at heterointerfaces in (Al,In)GaN epitaxial layers grown on semipolar GaN free standing substrates
A Tyagi, F Wu, EC Young, A Chakraborty, H Ohta, R Bhat, K Fujito, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (25), 251905, 2009
Basal plane stacking-fault related anisotropy in X-ray rocking curve widths of m-plane GaN
MB McLaurin, A Hirai, E Young, F Wu, JS Speck
Japanese journal of applied physics 47 (7R), 5429, 2008
Influence of bismuth incorporation on the valence and conduction band edges of
G Pettinari, A Polimeni, M Capizzi, JH Blokland, PCM Christianen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (26), 262105, 2008
Indium and impurity incorporation in InGaN films on polar, nonpolar, and semipolar GaN orientations grown by ammonia molecular beam epitaxy
DA Browne, EC Young, JR Lang, CA Hurni, JS Speck
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 30 (4 …, 2012
Bismuth surfactant growth of the dilute nitride GaNxAs1− x
EC Young, S Tixier, T Tiedje
Journal of crystal growth 279 (3-4), 316-320, 2005
Growth and properties of the dilute bismide semiconductor GaAs1− xBix a complementary alloy to the dilute nitrides
T Tiedje, EC Young, A Mascarenhas
International Journal of Nanotechnology 5 (9-12), 963-983, 2008
Lattice tilt and misfit dislocations in (1122) semipolar GaN heteroepitaxy
EC Young, F Wu, AE Romanov, A Tyagi, CS Gallinat, SP DenBaars, ...
Applied physics express 3 (1), 011004, 2010
Bi isoelectronic impurities in GaAs
S Francoeur, S Tixier, E Young, T Tiedje, A Mascarenhas
Physical Review B 77 (8), 085209, 2008
Band gaps of the dilute quaternary alloys and
S Tixier, SE Webster, EC Young, T Tiedje, S Francoeur, A Mascarenhas, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (11), 112113, 2005
Silver free III-nitride flip chip light-emitting-diode with wall plug efficiency over 70% utilizing a GaN tunnel junction
BP Yonkee, EC Young, SP DenBaars, S Nakamura, JS Speck
Applied Physics Letters 109, 191104, 2016
Demonstration of a III-nitride edge-emitting laser diode utilizing a GaN tunnel junction contact
BP Yonkee, EC Young, C Lee, JT Leonard, SP DenBaars, JS Speck, ...
Optics Express 24 (7), 7816-7822, 2016
444.9 nm semipolar laser diode grown on an intentionally stress relaxed InGaN waveguiding layer
P Shan Hsu, MT Hardy, F Wu, I Koslow, EC Young, AE Romanov, K Fujito, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (2), 021104, 2012
Spatial correlation between Bi atoms in dilute : From random distribution to Bi pairing and clustering
G Ciatto, EC Young, F Glas, J Chen, RA Mori, T Tiedje
Physical Review B 78 (3), 035325, 2008
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