AE Williams-Jones
AE Williams-Jones
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100th Anniversary Special Paper: Vapor Transport of Metals and the Formation of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
AE Williams-Jones, CA Heinrich
Economic Geology 100 (7), 1287-1312, 2005
Gold in Solution
AE Williams-Jones, RJ Bowell, AA Migdisov
Elements 5, 281-287, 2009
Hydrothermal mobilisation of the rare earth elements–a tale of “ceria” and “yttria”
AE Williams-Jones, AA Migdisov, IM Samson
Elements 8 (5), 355-360, 2012
Hydrothermal transport, deposition, and fractionation of the REE: Experimental data and thermodynamic calculations
A Migdisov, AE Williams-Jones, J Brugger, FA Caporuscio
Chemical Geology 439, 13-42, 2016
An experimental study of the solubility and speciation of the Rare Earth Elements (III) in fluoride-and chloride-bearing aqueous solutions at temperatures up to 300 C
AA Migdisov, AE Williams-Jones, T Wagner
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73 (23), 7087-7109, 2009
Chemical mobility of gold in the porphyry-epithermal environment
CH Gammons, AE Williams-Jones
Economic Geology 92 (1), 45-59, 1997
Controls of alteration and mineralization in the Sungun porphyry copper deposit, Iran; evidence from fluid inclusions and stable isotopes
A Hezarkhani, AE Williams-Jones
Economic Geology 93 (5), 651-670, 1998
Factors controlling copper solubility and chalcopyrite deposition in the Sungun porphyry copper deposit, Iran
A Hezarkhani, AE Williams-Jones, CH Gammons
Mineralium deposita 34, 770-783, 1999
Hydrothermal transport and deposition of the rare earth elements by fluorine-bearing aqueous liquids
AA Migdisov, AE Williams-Jones
Mineralium Deposita 49, 987-997, 2014
13.2–The chemistry of metal transport and deposition by ore-forming hydrothermal fluids
TM Seward, AE Williams-Jones, AA Migdisov
Treatise on geochemistry 13, 29-57, 2014
The genesis of hydrothermal fluorite-REE deposits in the Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico
AE Williams-Jones, IM Samson, GR Olivo
Economic Geology 95 (2), 327-341, 2000
The role of hydrothermal processes in concentrating high-field strength elements in the Strange Lake peralkaline complex, northeastern Canada
S Salvi, AE Williams-Jones
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 60 (11), 1917-1932, 1996
Controls on the concentration of zirconium, niobium, and the rare earth elements in the Thor Lake rare metal deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada
ER Sheard, AE Williams-Jones, M Heiligmann, C Pederson, DL Trueman
Economic Geology 107 (1), 81-104, 2012
Geochemistry of the rare-earth element, Nb, Ta, Hf, and Zr deposits
RL Linnen, IM Samson, AE Williams-Jones, AR Chakhmouradian
Treatise on Geochemistry: Second Edition, 543-568, 2013
Crystallographic controls on trace-element incorporation in auriferous pyrite from the Pascua epithermal high-sulfidation deposit, Chile-Argentina
A Chouinard, J Paquette, AE Williams-Jones
Canadian Mineralogist 43 (3), 951-963, 2005
The disproportionation of gold (I) chloride complexes at 25 to 200 C
CH Gammons, Y Yu, AE Williams-Jones
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 61 (10), 1971-1983, 1997
Sulphide magma as a source of metals in arc-related magmatic hydrothermal ore fluids
O Nadeau, AE Williams-Jones, J Stix
Nature Geoscience 3 (7), 501-505, 2010
The role of hydrothermal processes in the granite-hosted Zr, Y, REE deposit at Strange Lake, Quebec/Labrador: evidence from fluid inclusions
S Salvi, AE Williams-Jones
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 54 (9), 2403-2418, 1990
Hydrothermal geochemistry of electrum; thermodynamic constraints
CH Gammons, AE Williams-Jones
Economic Geology 90 (2), 420-432, 1995
Hydrothermal mobilization of high field strength elements in alkaline igneous systems: evidence from the Tamazeght Complex (Morocco)
S Salvi, F Fontan, P Monchoux, AE Williams-Jones, B Moine
Economic Geology 95 (3), 559-576, 2000
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