William Nigel Hunter
William Nigel Hunter
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ELM server: a new resource for investigating short functional sites in modular eukaryotic proteins
P Puntervoll, R Linding, C Gemund, S Chabanis-Davidson, M Mattingsdal, ...
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DNA conformation is determined by economics in the hydration of phosphate groups
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The non-mevalonate pathway of isoprenoid precursor biosynthesis
WN Hunter
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Molecular structure of the GA base pair in DNA and its implications for the mechanism of transversion mutations.
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The structure of guanosine-thymidine mismatches in B-DNA at 2.5-A resolution.
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Refined structure of concanavalin A complexed with methyl α-D-mannopyranoside at 2.0 Å resolution and comparison with the saccharide-free structure
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DNA-drug interactions: the crystal structure of d (CGATCG) complexed with daunomycin
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Oligonucleotide structure: a decade of results from single crystal X-ray diffraction studies
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The crystal structure of d (GGATGGGAG) forms an essential part of the binding site for transcription factor IIIA
M McCall, T Brown, WN Hunter, O Kennard
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Discovery of potent pteridine reductase inhibitors to guide antiparasite drug development
A Cavazzuti, G Paglietti, WN Hunter, F Gamarro, S Piras, M Loriga, ...
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The crystal structure of Escherichia coli class II fructose-1, 6-bisphosphate aldolase in complex with phosphoglycolohydroxamate reveals details of mechanism and specificity
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Active site of trypanothione reductase: a target for rational drug design
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Single‐Crystal X‐Ray Diffraction Studies of Oligonucleotides and Oligonucleotide–Drug Complexes
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The crystal structure of a class II fructose-1, 6-bisphosphate aldolase shows a novel binuclear metal-binding active site embedded in a familiar fold
SJ Cooper, GA Leonard, SM McSweeney, AW Thompson, JH Naismith, ...
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New secreted toxins and immunity proteins encoded within the Type VI secretion system gene cluster of Serratia marcescens
G English, K Trunk, VA Rao, V Srikannathasan, WN Hunter, SJ Coulthurst
Molecular microbiology 86 (4), 921-936, 2012
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