Samuel Soubeyrand
Samuel Soubeyrand
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Flight behavior and pheromone changes associated to Nosema ceranae infection of honey bee workers (Apis mellifera) in field conditions
C Dussaubat, A Maisonnasse, D Crauser, D Beslay, G Costagliola, ...
Journal of invertebrate pathology 113 (1), 42-51, 2013
A Bayesian inference framework to reconstruct transmission trees using epidemiological and genetic data
MJ Morelli, G Thébaud, J Chadœuf, DP King, DT Haydon, S Soubeyrand
PLoS computational biology 8 (11), e1002768, 2012
Long-distance wind-dispersal of spores in a fungal plant pathogen: estimation of anisotropic dispersal kernels from an extensive field experiment
A Rieux, S Soubeyrand, F Bonnot, EK Klein, JE Ngando, A Mehl, ...
PloS one 9 (8), e103225, 2014
Using early data to estimate the actual infection fatality ratio from COVID-19 in France
L Roques, EK Klein, J Papaix, A Sar, S Soubeyrand
Biology 9 (5), 97, 2020
Spatiotemporal structure of host-pathogen interactions in a metapopulation
S Soubeyrand, AL Laine, I Hanski, A Penttinen
The American Naturalist 174 (3), 308-320, 2009
A Bayesian approach for inferring the dynamics of partially observed endemic infectious diseases from space-time-genetic data
N Mollentze, LH Nel, S Townsend, K Le Roux, K Hampson, DT Haydon, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1782), 20133251, 2014
Sharka epidemiology and worldwide management strategies: learning lessons to optimize disease control in perennial plants
L Rimbaud, S Dallot, T Gottwald, V Decroocq, E Jacquot, S Soubeyrand, ...
Annual review of phytopathology 53, 357-378, 2015
Colony adaptive response to simulated heat waves and consequences at the individual level in honeybees (Apis mellifera)
C Bordier, H Dechatre, S Suchail, M Peruzzi, S Soubeyrand, M Pioz, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 3760, 2017
Inferring pathogen dynamics from temporal count data: the emergence of Xylella fastidiosa in France is probably not recent
S Soubeyrand, P de Jerphanion, O Martin, M Saussac, C Manceau, ...
New Phytologist 219 (2), 824-836, 2018
Impact of lockdown on the epidemic dynamics of COVID-19 in France
L Roques, EK Klein, J Papaix, A Sar, S Soubeyrand
Frontiers in medicine 7, 274, 2020
Persistent after-effects of heavy rain on concentrations of ice nuclei and rainfall suggest a biological cause
EK Bigg, S Soubeyrand, CE Morris
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (5), 2313-2326, 2015
OutbreakTools: a new platform for disease outbreak analysis using the R software
T Jombart, DM Aanensen, M Baguelin, P Birrell, S Cauchemez, ...
Epidemics 7, 28-34, 2014
Linking winter conditions to regional disease dynamics in a wild plant–pathogen metapopulation
RM Penczykowski, E Walker, S Soubeyrand, AL Laine
New Phytologist 205 (3), 1142-1152, 2015
Emigration of the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae from leaf litter contributes to its population dynamics in alpine snowpack
CL Monteil, C Guilbaud, C Glaux, F Lafolie, S Soubeyrand, CE Morris
Environmental Microbiology 14 (8), 2099-2112, 2012
A statistical-reaction–diffusion approach for analyzing expansion processes
L Roques, S Soubeyrand, J Rousselet
Journal of Theoretical Biology 274 (1), 43-51, 2011
Identifying Lookouts for Epidemio-Surveillance: Application to the Emergence of Xylella fastidiosa in France
D Martinetti, S Soubeyrand
Phytopathology 109 (2), 265-276, 2019
Estimation of the dispersal distances of an aphid-borne virus in a patchy landscape
DRJ Pleydell, S Soubeyrand, S Dallot, G Labonne, J Chadœuf, E Jacquot, ...
PLoS computational biology 14 (4), e1006085, 2018
Parameter estimation for energy balance models with memory
L Roques, MD Chekroun, M Cristofol, S Soubeyrand, M Ghil
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2014
Anisotropy, in density and in distance, of the dispersal of yellow rust of wheat: experiments in large field plots and estimation
S Soubeyrand, J Enjalbert, A Sanchez, I Sache
Phytopathology 97 (10), 1315-1324, 2007
Modelling the spread in space and time of an airborne plant disease
S Soubeyrand, L Held, M Höhle, I Sache
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C: Applied Statistics 57 (3 …, 2008
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