McKenna Penley
McKenna Penley
Research Technician
Потвърден имейл адрес: emory.edu
The evolution of reduced antagonism—A role for host–parasite coevolution
AK Gibson, KS Stoy, IA Gelarden, MJ Penley, CM Lively, LT Morran
Evolution 69 (11), 2820-2830, 2015
A Novel Virulence Phenotype Rapidly Assesses Candida Fungal Pathogenesis in Healthy and Immunocompromised Caenorhabditis elegans Hosts
DJ Feistel, R Elmostafa, N Nguyen, MK Penley, L Morran, MA Hickman
Msphere 4 (2), e00697-18, 2019
Nematode–bacteria mutualism: Selection within the mutualism supersedes selection outside of the mutualism
LT Morran, MKJ Penley, VS Byrd, AJ Meyer, TS O'Sullivan, F Bashey, ...
Evolution 70 (3), 687-695, 2016
Sex and Mitonuclear Adaptation in Experimental Caenorhabditis elegans Populations
RI Wernick, SF Christy, DK Howe, JA Sullins, JF Ramirez, M Sare, ...
Genetics 211 (3), 1045-1058, 2019
Host heterogeneity mitigates virulence evolution
PS White, A Choi, R Pandey, A Menezes, MK Penley, AK Gibson, ...
Biology Letters 16 (1), 20190744, 2020
The Integral Role of Genetic Variation in the Evolution of Outcrossing in the Caenorhabditis elegans-Serratia marcescens Host-Parasite System
RC Parrish, MKJ Penley, LT Morran
PLoS One 11 (4), e0154463, 2016
The evolution of parasite host range in heterogeneous host populations
AK Gibson, H Baffoe‐Bonnie, MKJ Penley, J Lin, R Owens, A Khalid, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 33 (6), 773-782, 2020
No measurable fitness cost to experimentally evolved host defence in the Caenorhabditis elegans–Serratia marcescens host–parasite system
MKJ Penley, AB Greenberg, A Khalid, SR Namburar, LT Morran
Journal of evolutionary biology 31 (12), 1976-1981, 2018
Host mating system and coevolutionary dynamics shape the evolution of parasite avoidance in Caenorhabditis elegans host populations
MKJ Penley, LT Morran
Parasitology 145 (6), 724-730, 2018
Turnover in local parasite populations temporarily favors host outcrossing over self‐fertilization during experimental evolution
ZR Lynch, MKJ Penley, LT Morran
Ecology and evolution 8 (13), 6652-6662, 2018
Twitchin kinase inhibits muscle activity
Y Matsunaga, H Hwang, B Franke, R Williams, MK Penley, H Qadota, H Yi, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 28 (12), 1591-1600, 2017
Dauer life stage of Caenorhabditis elegans induces elevated levels of defense against the parasite Serratia marcescens
PS White, MKJ Penley, ARP Tierney, DM Soper, LT Morran
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 11575, 2019
A novel virulence phenotype rapidly assesses
DJ Feistel, R Elmostafa, N Nguyen, M Penley, L Morran, MA Hickman
Candida, 2019
Evolution of Caenorhabditis elegans host defense under selection by the bacterial parasite Serratia marcescens
MKJ Penley, GT Ha, LT Morran
PLoS One 12 (8), e0181913, 2017
Host genetic drift and adaptation in the evolution and maintenance of parasite resistance
PS White, D Arslan, D Kim, MK Penley, L Morran
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 34 (5), 845-851, 2021
Clinicopathological features and survival outcomes of rare histologic variants of gallbladder cancer
M Akce, K Zakka, MK Penley, R Jiang, OB Alese, WL Shaib, C Wu, ...
Journal of Surgical Oncology 121 (2), 294-302, 2020
An experimental test of parasite adaptation to common versus rare host genotypes
AK Gibson, PS White, MKJ Penley, JC de Roode, LT Morran
Biology Letters 16 (7), 20200210, 2020
Assessment of caenorhabditis elegans competitive fitness in the presence of a bacterial parasite
MKJ Penley, LT Morran
Bio-protocol 8 (16), e2971-e2971, 2018
Associations of evolutionary-concordance diet and lifestyle pattern scores with incident, sporadic colorectal adenoma in a pooled case-control study
MKJ Penley, DA Byrd, RM Bostick
Nutrition and Cancer 74 (6), 2075-2087, 2022
Role of resection of the primary in metastatic well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors
WL Shaib, K Zakka, MK Penley, R Jiang, M Akce, C Wu, SK Maithel, ...
Pancreas 50 (10), 1382-1391, 2021
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