Maria José Pozo Jiménez
Maria José Pozo Jiménez
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Priming: getting ready for battle
U Conrath, GJM Beckers, V Flors, P García-Agustín, G Jakab, F Mauch, ...
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Microbial co-operation in the rhizosphere
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Unraveling mycorrhiza-induced resistance
MJ Pozo, C Azcón-Aguilar
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Signal signature and transcriptome changes of Arabidopsis during pathogen and insect attack
M De Vos, VR Van Oosten, RMP Van Poecke, JA Van Pelt, MJ Pozo, ...
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Mycorrhiza-induced resistance and priming of plant defenses
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Localized versus systemic effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on defence responses to Phytophthora infection in tomato plants
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Recognizing plant defense priming
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Cell defense responses associated with localized and systemic resistance to Phytophthora parasitica induced in tomato by an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus
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Sm1, a proteinaceous elicitor secreted by the biocontrol fungus Trichoderma virens induces plant defense responses and systemic resistance
S Djonovic, MJ Pozo, LJ Dangott, CR Howell, CM Kenerley
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 19 (8), 838-853, 2006
Jasmonates-signals in plant-microbe interactions
MJ Pozo, LC Van Loon, CMJ Pieterse
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 23 (3), 211-222, 2004
Phytohormones as integrators of environmental signals in the regulation of mycorrhizal symbioses
MJ Pozo, JA López‐Ráez, C Azcón‐Aguilar, JM García‐Garrido
New Phytologist 205 (4), 1431-1436, 2015
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis influences strigolactone production under salinity and alleviates salt stress in lettuce plants
R Aroca, JM Ruiz-Lozano, ÁM Zamarreño, JA Paz, JM García-Mina, ...
Journal of plant physiology 170 (1), 47-55, 2013
Transcription factor MYC2 is involved in priming for enhanced defense during rhizobacteria‐induced systemic resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana
MJ Pozo, S Van Der Ent, LC Van Loon, CMJ Pieterse
New Phytologist 180 (2), 511-523, 2008
Hormonal and transcriptional profiles highlight common and differential host responses to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the regulation of the oxylipin pathway
JA López-Ráez, A Verhage, I Fernández, JM García, C Azcón-Aguilar, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany, erq089, 2010
The tomato CAROTENOID CLEAVAGE DIOXYGENASE8 (SlCCD8) regulates rhizosphere signaling, plant architecture and affects reproductive development through strigolactone biosynthesis
W Kohlen, T Charnikhova, M Lammers, T Pollina, P Tóth, I Haider, ...
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Priming of plant innate immunity by rhizobacteria and β‐aminobutyric acid: differences and similarities in regulation
S Van der Ent, M Van Hulten, MJ Pozo, T Czechowski, MK Udvardi, ...
New Phytologist 183 (2), 419-431, 2009
Deciphering the hormonal signalling network behind the systemic resistance induced by Trichoderma harzianum in tomato
A Martínez-Medina, I Fernández, MJ Sánchez-Guzmán, SC Jung, ...
Frontiers in plant science 4, 206, 2013
Beneficial microbes in a changing environment: are they always helping plants to deal with insects?
A Pineda, M Dicke, CMJ Pieterse, MJ Pozo
Functional Ecology 27 (3), 574-586, 2013
Do strigolactones contribute to plant defence?
R Torres‐Vera, JM García, MJ Pozo, JA López‐Ráez
Molecular plant pathology 15 (2), 211-216, 2014
Impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis on plant response to biotic stress: the role of plant defence mechanisms
MJ Pozo, SC Jung, JA López-Ráez, C Azcón-Aguilar
Arbuscular mycorrhizas: physiology and function, 193-207, 2010
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