Alec Redwood
Alec Redwood
Principle Research Fellow, the University of Western Australia
Потвърден имейл адрес: uwa.edu.au
SJS/TEN 2017: building multidisciplinary networks to drive science and translation
KD White, R Abe, M Ardern-Jones, T Beachkofsky, C Bouchard, ...
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Intranasal administration of RSV antigen-expressing MCMV elicits robust tissue-resident effector and effector memory CD8+ T cells in the lung
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HLAs: key regulators of T‐cell‐mediated drug hypersensitivity
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Laboratory strains of murine cytomegalovirus are genetically similar to but phenotypically distinct from wild strains of virus
LM Smith, AR McWhorter, LL Masters, GR Shellam, AJ Redwood
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Continuous activity of Foxo1 is required to prevent anergy and maintain the memory state of CD8+ T cells
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Self-disseminating vaccines for emerging infectious diseases
AA Murphy, AJ Redwood, MA Jarvis
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Shared peptide binding of HLA Class I and II alleles associate with cutaneous nevirapine hypersensitivity and identify novel risk alleles
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Characterization of neoantigen-specific T cells in cancer resistant to immune checkpoint therapies
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Murine cytomegalovirus and other herpesviruses
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The role of IL-22 in viral infections: paradigms and paradoxes
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Frontiers in immunology 7, 211, 2016
The genome of murine cytomegalovirus is shaped by purifying selection and extensive recombination
LM Smith, AR McWhorter, GR Shellam, AJ Redwood
Virology 435 (2), 258-268, 2013
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