Tim Weihs
Tim Weihs
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
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Nanoindentation mapping of the mechanical properties of human molar tooth enamel
JL Cuy, AB Mann, KJ Livi, MF Teaford, TP Weihs
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Mechanical deflection of cantilever microbeams: A new technique for testing the mechanical properties of thin films
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Effect of intermixing on self-propagating exothermic reactions in Al/Ni nanolaminate foils
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J Wang, E Besnoin, A Duckham, SJ Spey, ME Reiss, OM Knio, TP Weihs
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Room-temperature soldering with nanostructured foils
J Wang, E Besnoin, A Duckham, SJ Spey, ME Reiss, OM Knio, M Powers, ...
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Investigating the thermodynamics and kinetics of thin film reactions by differential scanning calorimetry
C Michaelsen, K Barmak, TP Weihs
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Al/Ni formation reactions: characterization of the metastable Al9Ni2 phase and analysis of its formation
KJ Blobaum, D Van Heerden, AJ Gavens, TP Weihs
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The effect of prism orientation on the indentation testing of human molar enamel
A Braly, LA Darnell, AB Mann, MF Teaford, TP Weihs
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An In Vitro Uniaxial Stretch Model for Axonal Injury
BJ Pfister, TP Weihs, M Betenbaugh, G Bao
Annals of biomedical engineering 31, 589-598, 2003
Ignitable heterogeneous stratified structure for the propagation of an internal exothermic chemical reaction along an expanding wavefront and method of making same
TW Barbee Jr, T Weihs
US Patent 5,538,795, 1996
Effect of reactant and product melting on self-propagating reactions in multilayer foils
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Limits of imaging resolution for atomic force microscopy of molecules
TP Weihs, Z Nawaz, SP Jarvis, JB Pethica
Applied physics letters 59 (27), 3536-3538, 1991
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