Javier García-González
Javier García-González
Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (IIT), ETSI ICAI
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Stochastic joint optimization of wind generation and pumped-storage units in an electricity market
J Garcia-Gonzalez, RMR de la Muela, LM Santos, AM Gonzalez
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Modeling and forecasting electricity prices with input/output hidden Markov models
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Risk-averse profit-based optimal scheduling of a hydro-chain in the day-ahead electricity market
J García-González, E Parrilla, A Mateo
European Journal of Operational Research 181 (3), 1354-1369, 2007
Integrating water and energy models for policy driven applications. A review of contemporary work and recommendations for future developments
Z Khan, P Linares, J García-González
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 67, 1123-1138, 2017
An MIP formulation for joint market-clearing of energy and reserves based on ramp scheduling
G Morales-España, A Ramos, J García-González
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Short-term hydro scheduling with cascaded and head-dependent reservoirs based on mixed-integer linear programming
J Garcia-Gonzalez, GA Castro
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Spatial and temporal synchronization of water and energy systems: Towards a single integrated optimization model for long-term resource planning
Z Khan, P Linares, M Rutten, S Parkinson, N Johnson, J García-González
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Optimal Joint Energy and Secondary Regulation Reserve Hourly Scheduling of Variable Speed Pumped Storage Hydropower Plants
M Chazarra, JI Pérez-Díaz, J García-González
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Economic assessment of the participation of wind generation in the secondary regulation market
E Saiz-Marin, J García-González, J Barquin, E Lobato
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Power-capacity and ramp-capability reserves for wind integration in power-based UC
G Morales-España, R Baldick, J García-González, A Ramos
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Improving the B&B search for large-scale hydrothermal weekly scheduling problems
E Parrilla, J García-González
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Optimal Energy and Reserve Scheduling of Pumped-Storage Power Plants Considering Hydraulic Short-Circuit Operation
M Chazarra, JI Pérez-Díaz, J García-González
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Strategic bidding in deregulated power systems
J García, J Román, J Barquín, A González
13th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC '99). Trondheim, Norway., 1999
Self-unit commitment of thermal units in a competitive electricity market
J Garcia-Gonzalez, J Barquin
Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting, 2000. IEEE 4, 2278-2283, 2000
Under-relaxed iterative procedure for feasible short-term scheduling of a hydro chain
J Garcia-Gonzalez, E Parrilla, J Barquín, J Alonso, A Sáiz-Chicharro, ...
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Optimal operation of variable speed pumped storage hydropower plants participating in secondary regulation reserve markets
M Chazarra, JI Perez-Diaz, J Garcia-Gonzalez
European Energy Market (EEM), 2014 11th International Conference on the, 1-5, 2014
Impact of converter losses on the optimal power flow solution of hybrid networks based on VSC-MTDC
Q Zhao, J García-González, O Gomis-Bellmunt, E Prieto-Araujo, ...
Electric Power Systems Research 151, 395-403, 2017
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