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steve torr
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Visual and olfactory responses of haematophagous Diptera to host stimuli
G Gibson, SJ Torr
Medical and veterinary entomology 13 (1), 2-23, 1999
Spatial repellents: from discovery and development to evidence-based validation
NL Achee, MJ Bangs, R Farlow, GF Killeen, S Lindsay, JG Logan, ...
Malaria Journal 11 (1), 1-9, 2012
The importance of vector control for the control and elimination of vector-borne diseases
AL Wilson, O Courtenay, LA Kelly-Hope, TW Scott, W Takken, SJ Torr, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 14 (1), e0007831, 2020
Blood‐feeding behaviour of the malarial mosquito Anopheles arabiensis: implications for vector control
I Tirados, C Costantini, G Gibson, SJ Torr
Medical and veterinary entomology 20 (4), 425-437, 2006
Factors that influence the prevalence of acaricide resistance and tick-borne diseases
LD Foil, P Coleman, M Eisler, H Fragoso-Sanchez, Z Garcia-Vazquez, ...
Veterinary Parasitology 125 (1-2), 163-181, 2004
Control techniques for Culicoides biting midges and their application in the U.K. and northwestern Palaearctic
S Carpenter, PS Mellor, SJ Torr
Medical and veterinary entomology 22 (3), 175-187, 2008
The use of aerial spraying to eliminate tsetse from the Okavango Delta of Botswana
PM Kgori, S Modo, SJ Torr
Acta tropica 99 (2-3), 184-199, 2006
Less is more: restricted application of insecticide to cattle to improve the cost and efficacy of tsetse control
SJ Torr, I Maudlin, GA Vale
Medical and veterinary entomology 21 (1), 53-64, 2007
Tsetse control and Gambian sleeping sickness; implications for control strategy
I Tirados, J Esterhuizen, V Kovacic, TNC Mangwiro, GA Vale, I Hastings, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 9 (8), e0003822, 2015
Estimating the costs of tsetse control options: an example for Uganda
APM Shaw, SJ Torr, C Waiswa, G Cecchi, GRW Wint, RC Mattioli, ...
Preventive Veterinary Medicine 110 (3-4), 290-303, 2013
Methods for dispensing odour attractants for tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae)
SJ Torr, DR Hall, RJ Phelps, GA Vale
Bulletin of Entomological Research 87 (3), 299-311, 1997
Towards a rational policy for dealing with tsetse
SJ Torr, JW Hargrove, GA Vale
Trends in parasitology 21 (11), 537-541, 2005
The effects of host physiology on the attraction of tsetse (Diptera: Glossinidae) and Stomoxys (Diptera: Muscidae) to cattle
SJ Torr, TNC Mangwiro, DR Hall
Bulletin of entomological research 96 (1), 71-84, 2006
Integrated control of vector-borne diseases of livestock–pyrethroids: panacea or poison?
MC Eisler, SJ Torr, PG Coleman, N Machila, JF Morton
TRENDS in Parasitology 19 (8), 341-345, 2003
Reducing human-tsetse contact significantly enhances the efficacy of sleeping sickness active screening campaigns: a promising result in the context of elimination
F Courtin, M Camara, JB Rayaisse, M Kagbadouno, E Dama, O Camara, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 9 (8), e0003727, 2015
Modeling the control of trypanosomiasis using trypanocides or insecticide-treated livestock
JW Hargrove, R Ouifki, D Kajunguri, GA Vale, SJ Torr
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 6 (5), e1615, 2012
Quantitative analyses and modelling to support achievement of the 2020 goals for nine neglected tropical diseases
TD Hollingsworth, ER Adams, RM Anderson, K Atkins, S Bartsch, ...
Parasites & vectors 8 (1), 1-28, 2015
Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Artificial Visual Baits for Controlling the Tsetse Fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes
JM Lindh, SJ Torr, GA Vale, MJ Lehane
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 3 (7), e474, 2009
A comparison of the feeding behaviour of tsetse and stable flies
S Schofield, SJ Torr
Medical and Veterinary Entomology 16 (2), 177-185, 2002
Interactions between cattle and biting flies: effects on the feeding rate of tsetse
SJ Torr, TNC Mangwiro
Medical and Veterinary Entomology 14 (4), 400-409, 2000
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