Matthew Traxler
Matthew Traxler
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Handbook of psycholinguistics
M Traxler, MA Gernsbacher
Elsevier, 2011
Processing subject and object relative clauses: Evidence from eye movements
MJ Traxler, RK Morris, RE Seely
Journal of memory and language 47 (1), 69-90, 2002
Plausibility and the processing of unbounded dependencies: An eye-tracking study
MJ Traxler, MJ Pickering
Journal of Memory and Language 35 (3), 454-475, 1996
Adjunct attachment is not a form of lexical ambiguity resolution
MJ Traxler, MJ Pickering, C Clifton Jr
Journal of memory and language 39 (4), 558-592, 1998
Introduction to psycholinguistics: Understanding language science
MJ Traxler
John Wiley & Sons, 2011
Plausibility and recovery from garden paths: An eye-tracking study.
MJ Pickering, MJ Traxler
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 24 (4), 940, 1998
Working memory, animacy, and verb class in the processing of relative clauses
MJ Traxler, RS Williams, SA Blozis, RK Morris
Journal of Memory and Language 53 (2), 204-224, 2005
The use of thematic role information in parsing: Syntactic processing autonomy revisited
C Clifton Jr, MJ Traxler, MT Mohamed, RS Williams, RK Morris, K Rayner
Journal of Memory and Language 49 (3), 317-334, 2003
Reanalysis in sentence processing: Evidence against current constraint-based and two-stage models
RPG Van Gompel, MJ Pickering, MJ Traxler
Journal of Memory and Language 45 (2), 225-258, 2001
Ambiguity resolution in sentence processing: Evidence against frequency-based accounts
MJ Pickering, MJ Traxler, MW Crocker
Journal of memory and language 43 (3), 447-475, 2000
Influence of connectives on language comprehension: Eye tracking evidence for incremental interpretation
MJ Traxler, MD Bybee, MJ Pickering
The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Section A 50 (3), 481-497, 1997
Coercion in sentence processing: Evidence from eye-movements and self-paced reading
MJ Traxler, MJ Pickering, B McElree
Journal of Memory and Language 47 (4), 530-547, 2002
The locus of implicit causality effects in comprehension
A Garnham, M Traxler, J Oakhill, MA Gernsbacher
Journal of memory and language 35 (4), 517-543, 1996
Reading time evidence for enriched composition
B McElree, MJ Traxler, MJ Pickering, RE Seely, R Jackendoff
Cognition 78 (1), B17-B25, 2001
Syntactic priming in comprehension: Evidence from event-related potentials
K Ledoux, MJ Traxler, TY Swaab
Psychological science 18 (2), 135-143, 2007
Effects of prediction and contextual support on lexical processing: Prediction takes precedence
T Brothers, TY Swaab, MJ Traxler
Cognition 136, 135-149, 2015
Syntactic priming effects in comprehension: A critical review
KM Tooley, MJ Traxler
Language and Linguistics Compass 4 (10), 925-937, 2010
Trends in syntactic parsing: Anticipation, Bayesian estimation, and good-enough parsing
MJ Traxler
Trends in cognitive sciences 18 (11), 605-611, 2014
Priming in sentence processing: Intralexical spreading activation, schemas, and situation models
MJ Traxler, DJ Foss, RE Seely, B Kaup, RK Morris
Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 29, 581-595, 2000
Goals and strategies influence lexical prediction during sentence comprehension
T Brothers, TY Swaab, MJ Traxler
Journal of memory and language 93, 203-216, 2017
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