Rikke Bjerring
Rikke Bjerring
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Impacts of climate warming on lake fish community structure and potential effects on ecosystem function
E Jeppesen, M Meerhoff, K Holmgren, I González-Bergonzoni, ...
Hydrobiologia 646, 73-90, 2010
Zooplankton as indicators in lakes: a scientific-based plea for including zooplankton in the ecological quality assessment of lakes according to the European Water Framework …
E Jeppesen, P Nõges, TA Davidson, J Haberman, T Nõges, K Blank, ...
Hydrobiologia 676, 279-297, 2011
Biomanipulation as a restoration tool to combat eutrophication: recent advances and future challenges
E Jeppesen, M Søndergaard, TL Lauridsen, TA Davidson, Z Liu, ...
Advances in ecological research 47, 411-488, 2012
Persistent internal phosphorus loading during summer in shallow eutrophic lakes
M Søndergaard, R Bjerring, E Jeppesen
Hydrobiologia 710, 95-107, 2013
Watershed land use effects on lake water quality in Denmark
A Nielsen, D Trolle, M Søndergaard, TL Lauridsen, R Bjerring, JE Olesen, ...
Ecological applications 22 (4), 1187-1200, 2012
A community-based framework for aquatic ecosystem models
D Trolle, DP Hamilton, MR Hipsey, K Bolding, J Bruggeman, WM Mooij, ...
Hydrobiologia 683, 25-34, 2012
Subfossil Cladocera in relation to contemporary environmental variables in 54 Pan‐European lakes
R Bjerring, E Becares, S Declerck, EM Gross, LA HANSSON, T Kairesalo, ...
Freshwater Biology 54 (11), 2401-2417, 2009
Seasonal Dynamics of CO2 Flux Across the Surface of Shallow Temperate Lakes
D Trolle, PA Staehr, TA Davidson, R Bjerring, TL Lauridsen, ...
Ecosystems 15, 336-347, 2012
Effects of climate and nutrient load on the water quality of shallow lakes assessed through ensemble runs by PCLake
A Nielsen, D Trolle, R Bjerring, M Søndergaard, JE Olesen, JH Janse, ...
Ecological Applications 24 (8), 1926-1944, 2014
Lake depth rather than fish planktivory determines cladoceran community structure in Faroese lakes–evidence from contemporary data and sediments
SL Amsinck, A Strzelczak, R Bjerring, F Landkildehus, TL Lauridsen, ...
Freshwater Biology 51 (11), 2124-2142, 2006
Climate change will make recovery from eutrophication more difficult in shallow Danish Lake Søbygaard
J Rolighed, E Jeppesen, M Søndergaard, R Bjerring, JH Janse, WM Mooij, ...
Water 8 (10), 459, 2016
Inferring recent changes in the ecological state of 21 Danish candidate reference lakes (EU Water Framework Directive) using palaeolimnology
R Bjerring, EG Bradshaw, SL Amsinck, LS Johansson, BV Odgaard, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 45 (6), 1566-1575, 2008
Long-term trends and temporal synchrony in plankton richness, diversity and biomass driven by re-oligotrophication and climate across 17 Danish lakes
K Özkan, E Jeppesen, TA Davidson, R Bjerring, LS Johansson, ...
Water 8 (10), 427, 2016
Cross‐taxon congruence in lake plankton largely independent of environmental gradients
K Özkan, E Jeppesen, TA Davidson, M Søndergaard, TL Lauridsen, ...
Ecology 95 (10), 2778-2788, 2014
Recent climate‐induced changes in freshwaters in Denmark
E Jeppesen, B Kronvang, TB Jørgensen, SE Larsen, HE Andersen, ...
Climatic change and global warming of inland waters: Impacts and mitigation …, 2012
Mid-to late-Holocene land-use change and lake development at Dallund Sø, Denmark: trophic structure inferred from cladoceran subfossils
LS Johansson, SL Amsinck, R Bjerring, E Jeppesenl
The Holocene 15 (8), 1143-1151, 2005
Major changes in CO2 efflux when shallow lakes shift from a turbid to a clear water state
E Jeppesen, D Trolle, TA Davidson, R Bjerring, M Søndergaard, ...
Hydrobiologia 778, 33-44, 2016
Climate-driven changes in water level: a decadal scale multi-proxy study recording the 8.2-ka event and ecosystem responses in Lake Sarup (Denmark)
R Bjerring, J Olsen, E Jeppesen, B Buchardt, J Heinemeier, S McGowan, ...
Journal of Paleolimnology 49, 267-285, 2013
Impacts of climate warming on lake sh community structure and potential effects on ecosystem function
E Jeppesen, M Meerhoff, K Holmgren, I Gonzalez-Bergonzoni, ...
Hydrobiologia 646, 7390, 2010
Short-and long term niche segregation and individual specialization of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in species poor Faroese lakes
J Brodersen, HJ Malmquist, F Landkildehus, TL Lauridsen, SL Amsinck, ...
Environmental Biology of Fishes 93, 305-318, 2012
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