Henrik Lundell
Henrik Lundell
MR Section, DTU Health Technology and Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance
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Orientationally invariant metrics of apparent compartment eccentricity from double pulsed field gradient diffusion experiments
SN Jespersen, H Lundell, CK Sønderby, TB Dyrby
NMR in Biomedicine 26 (12), 1647-1662, 2013
Conventions and nomenclature for double diffusion encoding NMR and MRI
N Shemesh, SN Jespersen, DC Alexander, Y Cohen, I Drobnjak, ...
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The CONNECT project: combining macro-and micro-structure
Y Assaf, DC Alexander, DK Jones, A Bizzi, TEJ Behrens, CA Clark, ...
Neuroimage 80, 273-282, 2013
Interpolation of diffusion weighted imaging datasets
TB Dyrby, H Lundell, MW Burke, NL Reislev, OB Paulson, M Ptito, ...
Neuroimage 103, 202-213, 2014
Impaired transmission in the corticospinal tract and gait disability in spinal cord injured persons
D Barthélemy, M Willerslev-Olsen, H Lundell, BA Conway, H Knudsen, ...
Journal of Neurophysiology 104 (2), 1167-1176, 2010
Cerebral activation is correlated to regional atrophy of the spinal cord and functional motor disability in spinal cord injured individuals
H Lundell, MS Christensen, D Barthélemy, M Willerslev-Olsen, ...
Neuroimage 54 (2), 1254-1261, 2011
Independent spinal cord atrophy measures correlate to motor and sensory deficits in individuals with spinal cord injury
H Lundell, D Barthelemy, A Skimminge, TB Dyrby, F Biering-Sørensen, ...
Spinal Cord 49 (1), 70-75, 2011
Cortical and subcortical effects of transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation in humans with tetraplegia
FD Benavides, HJ Jo, H Lundell, VR Edgerton, Y Gerasimenko, MA Perez
Journal of Neuroscience 40 (13), 2633-2643, 2020
Multidimensional diffusion MRI with spectrally modulated gradients reveals unprecedented microstructural detail
H Lundell, M Nilsson, TB Dyrby, GJM Parker, PLH Cristinacce, FL Zhou, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 9026, 2019
Validation strategies for the interpretation of microstructure imaging using diffusion MRI
TB Dyrby, GM Innocenti, M Bech, H Lundell
Neuroimage 182, 62-79, 2018
Disentangling white-matter damage from physiological fibre orientation dispersion in multiple sclerosis
KW Andersen, S Lasič, H Lundell, M Nilsson, D Topgaard, F Sellebjerg, ...
Brain communications 2 (2), fcaa077, 2020
Assessment of transmission in specific descending pathways in relation to gait and balance following spinal cord injury
D Barthélemy, M Willerslev-Olsen, H Lundell, F Biering-Sørensen, ...
Progress in brain research 218, 79-101, 2015
Residual descending motor pathways influence spasticity after spinal cord injury
S Sangari, H Lundell, S Kirshblum, MA Perez
Annals of neurology 86 (1), 28-41, 2019
Diffusion weighted imaging with circularly polarized oscillating gradients
H Lundell, CK Sønderby, TB Dyrby
Magnetic resonance in medicine 73 (3), 1171-1176, 2015
High angular resolution diffusion imaging with stimulated echoes: compensation and correction in experiment design and analysis
H Lundell, DC Alexander, TB Dyrby
NMR in Biomedicine 27 (8), 918-925, 2014
Thalamocortical connectivity and microstructural changes in congenital and late blindness
NH Reislev, TB Dyrby, HR Siebner, H Lundell, M Ptito, R Kupers
Neural plasticity 2017, 2017
Double diffusion encoding and applications for biomedical imaging
RN Henriques, M Palombo, SN Jespersen, N Shemesh, H Lundell, ...
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 348, 108989, 2021
Apparent exchange rate imaging in anisotropic systems
CK Sønderby, HM Lundell, LV Søgaard, TB Dyrby
Magnetic resonance in medicine 72 (3), 756-762, 2014
Validation of structural brain connectivity networks: The impact of scanning parameters
KS Ambrosen, SF Eskildsen, M Hinne, K Krug, H Lundell, MN Schmidt, ...
Neuroimage 204, 116207, 2020
Commentary on “Microanisotropy imaging: quantification of microscopic diffusion anisotropy and orientation of order parameter by diffusion MRI with magic-angle spinning of the …
SN Jespersen, H Lundell, CK Sønderby, TB Dyrby
Frontiers in Physics 2, 28, 2014
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