Panagiotis Gkonis
Panagiotis Gkonis
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An artificial intelligence-based collaboration approach in industrial iot manufacturing: Key concepts, architectural extensions and potential applications
P Trakadas, P Simoens, P Gkonis, L Sarakis, A Angelopoulos, ...
Sensors 20 (19), 5480, 2020
Electrical vehicles: Current state of the art, future challenges, and perspectives
TA Skouras, PK Gkonis, CN Ilias, PT Trakadas, EG Tsampasis, ...
Clean Technologies 2 (1), 1-16, 2019
A comprehensive study on simulation techniques for 5g networks: State of the art results, analysis, and future challenges
PK Gkonis, PT Trakadas, DI Kaklamani
Electronics 9 (3), 468, 2020
Hybrid clouds for data-intensive, 5G-enabled IoT applications: An overview, key issues and relevant architecture
P Trakadas, N Nomikos, ET Michailidis, T Zahariadis, FM Facca, ...
Sensors 19 (16), 3591, 2019
A cost-efficient 5G non-public network architectural approach: Key concepts and enablers, building blocks and potential use cases
P Trakadas, L Sarakis, A Giannopoulos, S Spantideas, N Capsalis, ...
Sensors 21 (16), 5578, 2021
Radio network planning towards 5G mmWave standalone small-cell architectures
GE Athanasiadou, P Fytampanis, DA Zarbouti, GV Tsoulos, PK Gkonis, ...
Electronics 9 (2), 339, 2020
Implementation and evaluation of a web-based grid-enabled environment for WCDMA multibeam system simulations [wireless corner]
TE Athanaileas, PK Gkonis, GE Athanasiadou, FGV Tsoulos, ...
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine 50 (3), 195-204, 2008
Particle swarm optimization of antenna arrays with efficiency constraints
KA Papadopoulos, CA Papagianni, PK Gkonis, IS Venieris, D Kaklamani
Progress in Electromagnetics Research M 17, 237-251, 2011
Supporting intelligence in disaggregated open radio access networks: Architectural principles, AI/ML workflow, and use cases
A Giannopoulos, S Spantideas, N Kapsalis, P Gkonis, L Sarakis, ...
IEEE Access 10, 39580-39595, 2022
A survey on UAV-aided maritime communications: Deployment considerations, applications, and future challenges
N Nomikos, PK Gkonis, PS Bithas, P Trakadas
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society 4, 56-78, 2022
Towards closed-loop automation in 5g open ran: Coupling an open-source simulator with xapps
T Karamplias, ST Spantideas, AE Giannopoulos, P Gkonis, N Kapsalis, ...
2022 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit …, 2022
A new subcarrier allocation strategy for MIMO-OFDMA multicellular networks based on cooperative interference mitigation
PK Gkonis, MA Seimeni, NP Asimakis, DI Kaklamani, IS Venieris
The Scientific World Journal 2014, 2014
Theoretical analysis of a passive acoustic brain monitoring system
NP Asimakis, I Karanasiou, PK Gkonis, N Uzunoglu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 23, 165-180, 2010
ML-based radio resource management in 5G and beyond networks: A survey
IA Bartsiokas, PK Gkonis, DI Kaklamani, IS Venieris
IEEE Access 10, 83507-83528, 2022
An adaptive hybrid beamforming approach for 5G-MIMO mmWave wireless cellular networks
S Lavdas, PK Gkonis, Z Zinonos, P Trakadas, L Sarakis
IEEE Access 9, 127767-127778, 2021
Performance evaluation of MIMO–WCDMA cellular networks in multiuser frequency selective fading environments
PK Gkonis, GV Tsoulos, DI Kaklamani
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 13 (1), 72-84, 2013
DVB-T network planning: A case study for Greece
DA Kateros, DA Zarbouti, DC Tsilimantos, CI Katsigiannis, PK Gkonis, ...
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine 51 (1), 91-101, 2009
WIP: Demand-driven power allocation in wireless networks with deep Q-learning
A Giannopoulos, S Spantideas, N Capsalis, P Gkonis, P Karkazis, ...
2021 IEEE 22nd International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and …, 2021
A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques for Massive MIMO Configurations: Application Areas, Performance Limitations and Future Challenges
PK Gkonis
IEEE Access 11, 67-88, 2022
A novel quadruple-fed rectangular patch antenna with improved bandwidth performance
AG Koutinos, GA Ioannopoulos, PK Gkonis, MT Chryssomallis, ...
2015 Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference (LAPC), 1-5, 2015
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