Marc Robini
Marc Robini
Maître de conférences, INSA de Lyon
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Design of optimal 2-D nongrid sparse arrays for medical ultrasound
B Diarra, M Robini, P Tortoli, C Cachard, H Liebgott
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 60 (11), 3093-3102, 2013
2-D ultrasound sparse arrays multidepth radiation optimization using simulated annealing and spiral-array inspired energy functions
E Roux, A Ramalli, P Tortoli, C Cachard, MC Robini, H Liebgott
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 63 …, 2016
Simulated annealing, acceleration techniques, and image restoration
MC Robini, T Rastello, IE Magnin
IEEE Transactions on Image processing 8 (10), 1374-1387, 1999
Comparison of regularization methods for human cardiac diffusion tensor MRI
C Frindel, M Robini, P Croisille, YM Zhu
Medical image analysis 13 (3), 405-418, 2009
Wideband 2-D array design optimization with fabrication constraints for 3-D US imaging
E Roux, A Ramalli, H Liebgott, C Cachard, MC Robini, P Tortoli
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 64 …, 2016
Enhancement of contrast regions in suboptimal ultrasound images with application to echocardiography
D Boukerroui, JA Noble, MC Robini, M Brady
Ultrasound in medicine & biology 27 (12), 1583-1594, 2001
A stochastic continuation approach to piecewise constant reconstruction
MC Robini, A Lachal, IE Magnin
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 16 (10), 2576-2589, 2007
Two-dimensional ultrasonic flaw detection based on the wavelet packet transform
MC Robini, IE Magnin, H Benoit-Cattin, A Baskurt
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 44 …, 1997
Structure-adaptive sparse denoising for diffusion-tensor MRI
L Bao, M Robini, W Liu, Y Zhu
Medical image analysis 17 (4), 442-457, 2013
From simulated annealing to stochastic continuation: a new trend in combinatorial optimization
MC Robini, PJ Reissman
Journal of Global Optimization 56 (1), 185-215, 2013
A graph‐based approach for automatic cardiac tractography
C Frindel, M Robini, J Schaerer, P Croisille, YM Zhu
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 64 (4), 1215-1229, 2010
A multi-sensor system for the non-invasive measurement of the activity of the autonomic nervous system
A Dittmar, H Rada, G Delhomme, E Vernet-Maury, C Collet, R Roure, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 27 (1-3), 461-464, 1995
Optimization by stochastic continuation
MC Robini, IE Magnin
SIAM journal on Imaging Sciences 3 (4), 1096-1121, 2010
Denoising human cardiac diffusion tensor magnetic resonance images using sparse representation combined with segmentation
LJ Bao, YM Zhu, WY Liu, P Croisille, ZB Pu, M Robini, IE Magnin
Physics in Medicine & Biology 54 (6), 1435, 2009
A 3-D spatio-temporal deconvolution approach for MR perfusion in the brain
C Frindel, MC Robini, D Rousseau
Medical image analysis 18 (1), 144-160, 2014
Stochastic nonlinear image restoration using the wavelet transform
MC Robini, IE Magnin
IEEE transactions on image processing 12 (8), 890-905, 2003
Material decomposition in x-ray spectral CT using multiple constraints in image domain
B Xie, T Su, V Kaftandjian, P Niu, F Yang, M Robini, Y Zhu, P Duvauchelle
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation 38, 1-9, 2019
Validation of optimal 2D sparse arrays in focused mode: Phantom experiments
E Roux, E Badescu, L Petrusca, F Varray, A Ramalli, C Cachard, M Robini, ...
2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), 1-4, 2017
Theoretically grounded acceleration techniques for simulated annealing
MC Robini
Handbook of Optimization: From Classical to Modern Approach, 311-335, 2013
Towards in vivo diffusion tensor MRI on human heart using edge-preserving regularization
C Frindel, M Robini, S Rapacchi, E Stephant, YM Zhu, P Croisille
2007 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2007
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