Leau Yu Beng
Leau Yu Beng
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Computing and Informatics; Head of Cybersecurity Research Group
Потвърден имейл адрес: ums.edu.my
Software development life cycle AGILE vs traditional approaches
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Impact of coronavirus pandemic crisis on technologies and cloud computing applications
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Implementation of constraint programming and simulated annealing for examination timetabling problem
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Detection and defense mechanisms on duplicate address detection process in IPv6 link-local network: A survey on limitations and requirements
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Review of mobile macro-payments schemes
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Adaptive path finding algorithm in dynamic environment for warehouse robot
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Network security situation assessment: A review and discussion
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Security issues on identity card in Malaysia
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Rom-p: Route optimization management of producer mobility in information-centric networking
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Students’ and teachers’ perception towards an interactive courseware for history subject: a case study in Labuan Secondary Schools
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Optimization and decomposition methods in network traffic prediction model: A review and discussion
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Proposed DAD-match mechanism for securing duplicate address detection process in IPv6 link-local network based on symmetric-key algorithm
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Computational Science and Technology: 4th ICCST 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia …, 2018
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