Sandrine Ruitton
Sandrine Ruitton
MIO - Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography
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Protection and conservation of Posidonia oceanica meadows.
CF Boudouresque, G Bernard, P Bonhomme, E Charbonnel, G Diviacco, ...
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Effects of increased habitat complexity on fish assemblages associated with large artificial reef units (French Mediterranean coast)
E Charbonnel, C Serre, S Ruitton, JG Harmelin, A Jensen
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Préservation et conservation des herbiers à Posidonia oceanica
CF Boudouresque, G Bernard, P Bonhomme, E Charbonnel, G Diviacco, ...
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Relationships between algae, benthic herbivorous invertebrates and fishes in rocky sublittoral communities of a temperate sea (Mediterranean)
S Ruitton, P Francour, CF Boudouresque
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Marine heatwaves drive recurrent mass mortalities in the Mediterranean Sea
J Garrabou, D Gómez‐Gras, A Medrano, C Cerrano, M Ponti, R Schlegel, ...
Global Change Biology 28 (19), 5708-5725, 2022
The necromass of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadow: fate, role, ecosystem services and vulnerability
CF Boudouresque, G Pergent, C Pergent-Martini, S Ruitton, T Thibaut, ...
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Invasion of Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Caulerpales, Chlorophyta) in the Mediterranean Sea: an assessment of the spread
L Piazzi, A Meinesz, M Verlaque, B Akçali, B Antolic, M Argyrou, D Balata, ...
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An ecosystem-based approach to assess the status of a Mediterranean ecosystem, the Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadow
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Collaborative database to track mass mortality events in the Mediterranean Sea
J Garrabou, D Gómez-Gras, JB Ledoux, C Linares, N Bensoussan, ...
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Artificial reefs do increase secondary biomass production: mechanisms evidenced by stable isotopes
P Cresson, S Ruitton, M Harmelin-Vivien
Marine Ecology Progress Series 509, 15-26, 2014
Contrasting perception of fish trophic level from stomach content and stable isotope analyses: a Mediterranean artificial reef experience
P Cresson, S Ruitton, M Ourgaud, M Harmelin-Vivien
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CIESM atlas of exotic species in the Mediterranean: 4. Macrophytes
M Verlaque, S Ruitton, F Mineur, CF Boudouresque
Seasonal changes of the introduced Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Caulerpales, Chlorophyta) at the northwest limit of its Mediterranean range
S Ruitton, M Verlaque, CF Boudouresque
Aquatic Botany 82 (1), 55-70, 2005
First assessment of the Caulerpa racemosa (Caulerpales, Chlorophyta) invasion along the French Mediterranean coast
S Ruitton, F Javel, JM Culioli, A Meinesz, G Pergent, M Verlaque
Marine Pollution Bulletin 50 (10), 1061-1068, 2005
Environmental and benthic habitat factors structuring the spatial distribution of a summer infralittoral fish assemblage in the north-western Mediterranean Sea
Y Letourneur, S Ruitton, S Sartoretto
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 83 (1 …, 2003
Spatio-temporal variation of suspended and sedimentary organic matter quality in the Bay of Marseilles (NW Mediterranean) assessed by biochemical and isotopic analyses
P Cresson, S Ruitton, MF Fontaine, M Harmelin-Vivien
Marine Pollution Bulletin 64 (6), 1112-1121, 2012
An ecosystem-based approach to assess the status of Mediterranean algae-dominated shallow rocky reefs
T Thibaut, A Blanfuné, CF Boudouresque, S Personnic, S Ruitton, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 117 (1-2), 311-329, 2017
From In Situ to satellite observations of pelagic Sargassum distribution and aggregation in the Tropical North Atlantic Ocean
A Ody, T Thibaut, L Berline, T Changeux, JM André, C Chevalier, ...
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Feeding behaviour of Paracentrotus lividus in the presence of Caulerpa taxifolia introduced in the Mediterranean Sea
R Lemee, CF Boudouresque, J Gobert, P Malestroit, X Mari, A Meinesz, ...
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An ecosystem-based approach to evaluate the ecological quality of Mediterranean undersea caves
PA Rastorgueff, D Bellan-Santini, CN Bianchi, S Bussotti, P Chevaldonné, ...
Ecological Indicators 54, 137-152, 2015
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