Mariagrazia Ranzini
Mariagrazia Ranzini
Marie Curie Fellow, University of Padova, Italy
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Neural mechanisms of attentional shifts due to irrelevant spatial and numerical cues
M Ranzini, S Dehaene, M Piazza, EM Hubbard
Neuropsychologia 47 (12), 2615-2624, 2009
What information is critical to elicit interference in number-form synaesthesia?
EM Hubbard, M Ranzini, M Piazza, S Dehaene
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Graspable objects shape number processing
M Ranzini, L Lugli, F Anelli, R Carbone, R Nicoletti, AM Borghi
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Voluntary eye movements direct attention on the mental number space
M Ranzini, M Lisi, M Zorzi
Psychological research 80, 389-398, 2016
Perceiving object dangerousness: an escape from pain?
F Anelli, M Ranzini, R Nicoletti, AM Borghi
Experimental Brain Research 228, 457-466, 2013
Larger, smaller, odd or even? Task-specific effects of optokinetic stimulation on the mental number space
M Ranzini, M Lisi, E Blini, M Pitteri, B Treccani, K Priftis, M Zorzi
Journal of Cognitive Psychology 27 (4), 459-470, 2015
With hands I do not centre! Action-and object-related effects of hand-cueing in the line bisection
M Ranzini, AM Borghi, R Nicoletti
Neuropsychologia 49 (10), 2918-2928, 2011
Changes in electrophysiological static and dynamic human brain functional architecture from childhood to late adulthood
N Coquelet, V Wens, A Mary, M Niesen, D Puttaert, M Ranzini, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 18986, 2020
Influence of numerical magnitudes on the free choice of an object position
C Gianelli, M Ranzini, M Marzocchi, L Rettore Micheli, AM Borghi
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Ecological meanings: A consensus paper on individual differences and contextual influences in embodied language
A Ibáñez, K Kühne, A Miklashevsky, E Monaco, E Muraki, M Ranzini, ...
Journal of Cognition 6 (1), 2023
Exploiting illusory effects to disclose similarities in numerical and luminance processing
M Ranzini, L Girelli
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 74, 1001-1008, 2012
Order information in verbal working memory shifts the subjective midpoint in both the line bisection and the landmark tasks
S Antoine, M Ranzini, T Gebuis, JP van Dijck, W Gevers
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 70 (10), 1973-1983, 2017
Nomina sunt consequentia rerum–Sound–shape correspondences with every-day objects figures
A Flumini, M Ranzini, AM Borghi
Journal of memory and language 76, 47-60, 2014
A common neural substrate for number comparison, hand reaching and grasping: a SDM-PSI meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies
M Ranzini, C Scarpazza, J Radua, S Cutini, C Semenza, M Zorzi
Cortex, 2022
Hemispatial neglect and serial order in verbal working memory
S Antoine, M Ranzini, JP van Dijck, H Slama, M Bonato, A Tousch, ...
Journal of Neuropsychology 13 (2), 272-288, 2019
The consonant/vowel pattern determines the structure of orthographic representations in the left fusiform gyrus
F Chetail, M Ranzini, X De Tiège, V Wens, A Content
Cortex 101, 73-86, 2018
Effects of attentional shifts along the vertical axis on number processing: an eye-tracking study with optokinetic stimulation
A Felisatti, M Ranzini, E Blini, M Lisi, M Zorzi
Cognition 221, 104991, 2022
Contribution of visuospatial attention, short-term memory and executive functions to performance in number interval bisection
M Ranzini, K Carbe, W Gevers
Neuropsychologia 99, 225-235, 2017
Effect of a quality improvement program on compliance to the sepsis bundle in non-ICU patients: a multicenter prospective before and after cohort study
G Monti, E Rezoagli, A Calini, A Nova, S Marchesi, G Nattino, G Carrara, ...
Frontiers in Medicine 10, 1215341, 2023
Cortical areas involved in grasping and reaching actions with and without visual information: An ALE meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies
S Sartin, M Ranzini, C Scarpazza, S Monaco
Current Research in Neurobiology 4, 100070, 2023
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