Ang Cui
Ang Cui
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When firmware modifications attack: A case study of embedded exploitation
A Cui, M Costello, S Stolfo
A quantitative analysis of the insecurity of embedded network devices: results of a wide-area scan
A Cui, SJ Stolfo
Proceedings of the 26th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, 97-106, 2010
Method and apparatus for performing percutaneous thromboembolectomies
G White
US Patent App. 10/311,232, 2003
Defending embedded systems with software symbiotes
A Cui, SJ Stolfo
International Workshop on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection, 358-377, 2011
Concurrency attacks
J Yang, A Cui, S Stolfo, S Sethumadhavan
Presented as part of the 4th {USENIX} Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism, 2012
Brave new world: Pervasive insecurity of embedded network devices
A Cui, Y Song, PV Prabhu, SJ Stolfo
International Workshop on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection, 378-380, 2009
Ethics in security vulnerability research
AM Matwyshyn, A Cui, AD Keromytis, SJ Stolfo
IEEE Security & Privacy 8 (2), 67-72, 2010
Usable, secure, private search
M Raykova, A Cui, B Vo, B Liu, T Malkin, SM Bellovin, SJ Stolfo
IEEE Security & Privacy 10 (5), 53-60, 2011
Symbiotes and defensive mutualism: Moving target defense
A Cui, SJ Stolfo
Moving target defense, 99-108, 2011
{BADFET}: Defeating Modern Secure Boot Using Second-Order Pulsed Electromagnetic Fault Injection
A Cui, R Housley
11th {USENIX} Workshop on Offensive Technologies ({WOOT} 17), 2017
Killing the myth of Cisco IOS diversity: recent advances in reliable shellcode design
A Cui, J Kataria, S Stolfo
Methods, systems, and media for inhibiting attacks on embedded devices
A Cui, SJ Stolfo
US Patent 9,392,017, 2016
From prey to hunter: Transforming legacy embedded devices into exploitation sensor grids
A Cui, J Kataria, SJ Stofo
Proceedings of the 27th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference …, 2011
Water drainable sole for footwear
JT Wang, KQ Lin, DJ Wei
US Patent App. 10/341,378, 2003
Killing the myth of Cisco IOS diversity
A Cui, J Kataria, SJ Stolfo
USENIX Worshop on Offensive Technologies, 2011
Reflections on the engineering and operation of a large-scale embedded device vulnerability scanner
A Cui, SJ Stolfo
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Building Analysis Datasets and …, 2011
Spiral-shaped lamp for UV curing of coatings and bonding for a digital versatile disk (DVD) or compact disk (CD)
CR Panico, LR Panico
US Patent 7,150,806, 2006
Utilizing electromagnetic emanations for out-of-band detection of unknown attack code in a programmable logic controller
N Boggs, JC Chau, A Cui
Cyber Sensing 2018 10630, 106300D, 2018
Generic rootkit detection for embedded devices using parasitic embedded machines
A Cui, SJ Stolfo
Columbia University, New York. cucs-009-10, 2010
Killing the myth of cisco ios diversity: Towards reliable, large-scale exploitation of cisco ios
A Cui, J Kataria, SJ Stolfo
USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (August 2011), 2011
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